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AP 103 on w t o P. It's Friday, October 9 67 degrees Now as we head into the seventies, Good afternoon, I'm Mork and I'm Deborah Feinstein. The top local stories we're following this hour. Every registered voter in D. C is being automatically mailed a ballot. And W G O P reports. Some voters who received there's early were eager to drop them off. All 55 of the city's ballot drop boxes are now open. And even though the Dropbox slots were initially supposed to be locked on the first boxes put out days ago, some warrant leading some residents to vote. Extra early people saw a dropbox and they put their ballot in And so we come back and locked up like those five drive bys is so people couldn't use him. DC Board of Elections Chair Michael Bennett says those ballots will still be counted. He says. Those who haven't gotten a ballot by October, 21st should consider themselves in person voters. But he says, Don't wait until the last day of in person voting because you will be in a line. John Aeryn. W T. O P NEWS President Trump has been urging supporters to go to the polls and carefully watch for what they think might be signs of fraud. Maryland, election officials say it's important to know the laws. If you plan to go, I think we have a tradition of efficient, accurate secure elections in Maryland Board of Elections, Vice Chair P. J. Hogan says anyone who thinks they can show up and supervised the voting process needs to know Maryland has a law that protects voters from intimidation. It's OK Anda Challenge someone's identity. If you have reason to think they aren't who they claim to be. Not influence or attempt to influence voters decision whether to go to the polls to cast a vote. But anyone observing the election has to be certified, and they're also not allowed to talk to voters. John Doe Mend W T O P News Well now A closer look at some of the questions on the Montgomery County ballot this year are Kate Ryan has been reviewing them in the afternoon. She tells us that one of them gives voters the power to change how the county's leaders are elected. Kimberlin Prasad is a Democratic activist supporting ballot Question D in Montgomery County. She's with the group nine districts from Oko, and she's got a question for voters. Do you believe that everyone in Montgomery County deserves equal representation in Rockville, Rockville is the county seat where nine Montgomery County Council members serve for are at large, meaning no matter where you live in the county, you vote for one of them. And five members serve a single district are at large structure is supposed to bring a Countywide perspective to rob Bill, and that has not been the case. But council member Evan Glass, who is an at large council member, says going to nine individual district's doesn't necessarily give voters more influence. Changing the system on the current on the county Council to make it more parochial is not in the best interests of the residence of Montgomery County Glass. Favors a competing ballot question. Question. See, Prasad insists Question D. The nine Council district's option would result in a more diverse and responsive County Council. Kate Ryan. W T o P. News you can read more about the questions on the ballot in Montgomery County. We've got it. W GOP dot com Search BALLOT 106. This is domestic violence awareness month. It affects millions every year, regardless of race, gender or religion, and one group says the pandemic. Has increased domestic violence. The lot on county domestic abuse in response team, or Dart says that while avoiding public places and working remotely make her the spread of Corona virus, people who are surviving domestic violence may be in danger by staying at home. Dart says that this is an epidemic within an epidemic. Judy Hanley of the Loudon abused Women Shelter. We have a shelter with 12 beds that has worked for us for 35 years until this year. And now today We have 24 people and shelter If you are suffering from domestic abuse, make a safety plan that includes plans for leaving and telling family and friends about the abuse. Also reach out to local shelters and law enforcement agencies for additional resource is Luc Luc..

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