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To two thousand six a m a c dot u s a mack dot u s james clyburn according to a reporter the new york times said in a meeting the he didn't believe the accusers of john conyers because they were all white females i'm just telling you that's what they're new york times reporter says now clyburn denies he said that are you suggesting that the new york times has published hashtag fake news you're not suggesting there are you now here's what clyburn said yesterday other man in other industries you have faced similar accusations and i'm out of the way reside stepped down far faster than here right nah harvey weinstein charlie rose met our the man who thursday kosice elected he said he's different because he's an elected official and as elected official key in only he will determine whether or not he wants to resign and then when his term is up the people of massachusetts can decide michigan rather to decide whether or not they want to send them back that's what clyburn said yesterday today he's calling for john conyers to resign and john carney's a check into hospital in reportedly suffering from stress no kidding no kidding keith watching his whole legacy just implode right before been in congress almost fifty years the no legislative achievement of course all the left wing hardcore left wing pick they've got nothing to show for anything other than voting for tax increases and things like that but if somebody can tell me something that uh john conyers has done since he's been in the senate that we ought to stand up in applaud i i'd like to know whether ideas read the bill i know every two years and juices appeal for reparations which of course never goes anywhere rigged the bill and i do know that when conyers who has represented a certain area of detroit from fifty years was asked why is it that this area of detroit largely black if not doing well but area almost adjacent to it largely uh arab and muslim is doing quite well why is that in conyers said and i am quoting racism read the bill completely useless as has been maxine waters as has been hit lady in florida at if the most of these people in the question of black caucus doing what demanding what with the right ace card exaggerating amount of racism allowing the welfare state to incentivize women to marry.

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