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Bears George often newsradio seven eighty and one oh five point nine FM WBBM news time eleven eighteen time for traffic and weather together on the H. sponsored by Berman auto express store here's Johnson tries we've a couple train incidents that are slowing things down as far as CTA travels go on the Green Line trains have been temporarily suspended between Laramie and at the aspen lake stop due to a police investigation your Pulaski be aware of that also on the pink line trains operating from fifty fourth to poke only then you need to connect with the blueline it racing for continuing service once again that's due to police activity even says find both ways out but on the Kennedy slow from the average three time of the North Avenue a question blocking the three right lanes keeps its slow to Fulton Avenue twenty minutes now downtown a monstrous thirty two hair on the inbound side it's slow from The Hobbit street tunnel to the bird interchange right now twenty four minutes ahead to downtown fourteen from the junction eyes an hour's fine on the outbound side will slow inbound from ash into the burning or change thirty one minutes three ninety downtown eighteen Fermanagh Stevenson is clear on both sides no prob this report on I fifty five in will county so on the outbound Ryan from ninety first through the opposition forty eighteen minutes downtown to ninety fifth I fifty seven as no delays that continuing congestion from the Ryan continues on the outbound side of the bishop Ford pass cottage Grove eighteen minutes from the Ryan to eighty ninety four no problems in doubt lakeshore Dr slow approaching Chicago Avenue both ways Illinois tollways are looking good no delays to report on the northwest Indiana roads traffic sponsored by the Berman auto express store the new Berman auto express stores the expressway to buy your next used car one hundred percent online just like you use vehicle get instant upfront pricing and they'll delivered right to your doorstep with all the paperwork ready to sign see over five hundred vehicles a permit dot com the traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty one of five point nine FM colder tonight said clear skies though the lower twenty four tomorrow plenty of sunshine seasonally chilly high forty one tomorrow night partly cloudy lo thirty five and Sunday cloudy breezy becoming milder high forty six some rain or drizzle likely on Sunday night twenty eight oh here twenty nine it.

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