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It's five thirty in the morning I. Patrick Osborne and topping Austin's news that wintry weather that is hit the Austin areas like the multiple school district delays today while there are no outright cancellations there are plenty of those delays and those districts include Austin Bastrop del valley L. getting Georgetown Hays lake Travis Leander liberty hill Round Rock the Texas school for the deaf and harmony public schools in Austin the most of them are starting two hours later today many districts of the staggering their openings lane would like Round Rock for example were elementary schools we get nine forty middle schools at ten twenty high schools at eleven OO five bus service has also been delayed for all of the affected school districts shifting gears out to the national scene president trump could release the first transcript of his July phone call with Ukrainian president more that from boxes grip Jenkins sides are gearing up for a second part of this week which can be really busy Republicans are leaving nothing to chance in a memo obtained by fox news from the GOP staff of the three investigating committees to its members four key pieces of evidence they say shows there was no treason bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors first the July twenty five call showing no evidence of conditionality or pressure second Ukrainian prisons Lynskey is stated there was no pressure thirteen craning government says they were not aware of a hold on funds at the time of the July call and finally the fact the president trump met with silence he'll totally hand that able to only also flown to Ukraine in September public impeachment angry hearings will take place tomorrow and Thursday a former vice president Joe Biden hold the town hall on CNN saying the media has accurately reported his dealings with Ukrainian gas company operates ma Biden says he and his son hunter both innocent there's absolutely zero basis to the accusation that I acted anyway an appropriately or that my son did this is all about from trying to create a diversion house Republicans have asked that hunter Biden testify in front of Congress close to home now the haze school district says it's not privy to any criminal background of a now ex substitute teacher lawyers for a student shot on video being beaten by then substitute teacher Tiffany Lankford say she has an alleged criminal history of domestic violence after Baltimore CIC superintendent of schools Eric Wright says she pastor standard background check we ran it through the FBI and we run it through the GPS and she was eligible to be hired right since district works to keep students safe in calls the instant a one off we work really hard to have a good positive image of Casey is the and we do and we have great people here and we don't want this one anomaly to calls people to doubt what our intentions are John Colleen's radio kale BJ city of Austin makes progress in securing a dangerous alley in the Red River district prostitution drug dealing in drug use even human waste complaints from business is about that alley between seven eight street continued to grow we're going to kick Cody callin with red river merchants association says it's now been blocked off repaved graded and cleaned up to a level he's really never seen before so we're really pleased to see that and face of all all of the challenges in the district both economic and safety that there's been finally some movement began in October as as gone is the crime that once plagued the alleyway gate is being installed to allow easy access for police fire and EMS the city of Austin looks to buy back a multi million dollar terminal at Austin's airport American twenty fifteen the council authorized a private company to take over renovating operate the small south terminal at Austin's airport but now recent memo to mayor Steve rather the city manager from the aviation department indicates it has a desire to buy it back at the price tag ten million Bucks the member states the companies now wanting to sell the property in the aviation department doesn't want to be transferred into the hands of another private entity it's expected of the city moves ahead with a buy back the south.

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