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Impeachment hearings since the release of a three hundred page report by Democrats on the house intelligence committee that sounds serious misconduct by president trump this is truck means with the NATO leaders near London the full house will decide whether transactions stemming from a July phone call with Ukraine's president warrant impeachment several NATO leaders have been caught in an unguarded exchange on camera during a reception to Buckingham Palace apparently gossiping about trump's behavior in response trump called Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau two faced after he was over heard appearing to gossip about trump north Korean state media says leader Kim Jong hoon wrote a white horse of a sacred mountain on his second symbolic visit in less than two months Kim's made previous visits there before making major decisions the Norse threatening provocation of the US refuses to make concessions in nuclear diplomacy by years and the Carolina Panthers are in the market for a new head coach after firing long time leader rod Rivera with just four games left in the season Panthers owner David Tepper said I believe this is the best decision for the long term success of our team have a great deal of respect for robin the contributions he's made to this franchise and to this community secondary coach Perry Fewell has been named interim head coach while offense of coordinator Norv Turner will transition to special assistant to the head coach and quarterbacks coach Scott Turner will serve as offensive coordinator temper will begin a search for a new coach immediately Rivera was hired in twenty eleven and is the team's winning is to coach but since losing to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl fifty four seasons ago the Panthers are twenty nine thirty one AM haven't won a playoff game the team is five and seven this season I wire the house Judiciary Committee is holding its first impeachment hearings a B. soccer Madani report.

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