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Yeah, it's horrible. All right. A helicopter safety law inspired by Kobe Bryant and Gina Bryant is getting another chance. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Brad Sherman. For If you're in Northridge that he's your guy in the house, they've reintroduced the Kobe Bryant and John O'Brien Helicopter Safety Act. It would require certain Equipment on all helicopters that carry six or more passengers, warning systems, terrain awareness equipment, and you can go all the way back to 2000 and six and the National Transportation Safety Board said. We recommend that this be a requirement. And why in the and then the FAA Sedna. We're not gonna make it a requirement. So now they're trying to do it through the house election. How much of that was Because of the pressure of the aviation industry, The manufacturing industry pushing, pushing, pushing. Hey, that cost money. We don't like it. That's a very in a cost and it cost a lot of money. I mean, we're not talking $7000 for a transponder. We're talking big dollars for terrain awareness. Okay, let's take a wait. Are you talking with your stocking with Steve Gregory on this at 9 30? It's we are, actually. Yeah. We're going to do a lot. The Yeah. Uh and, well, I'm sorry. I was just looking at what Steve is going to cover. It could be very much this and if you haven't heard his documentary that ran this weekend, the two parts Erie's It doesn't life.

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