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And so being a servant leader means that you are sensitive to those who are in your environment to figure out because although their actions may say one thing what their true genuine need might be maybe something unspoken. You can only do this when you're connected to God in prayer but seeing what the true need is answering the true need because then those things that move onto the surface in behavior they cease because you had met the real need a true servant is. In touch with Jesus, Christ being our our prime example, he is in touch with not just what meets the current need but he has hove gyro looks ahead sees the Nikkei makes the provisions. A servant leader is Hugo bring you back to Kane. Dr Dixon as servant leader is available accountable and responsible those three things, and then they'll servant leaders manifest these four ems models away motivates mentors in then multiplies. So just to put that briefly, a servant leader, a bales, their life. For the calls in the call for which they have been a mandated. Or Commission. Praise Guy I. Love that as you were talking, it took me back and I'm like I. Remember those the four Ams. Yes indeed. Yes indeed, and so now it's just time to take for us to take action on those right and as a servant leader, you have to figure out where you are in that relationship with whoever is following you whoever you're serving. Right. So in some some relationships, people are ready to be took to multiply. Right they're ready to take the mantle they they're they have received the direction and instruction in they're. Ready to go. So you can just kind of oversee their their path you know and Kinda just when necessary and then some people you don't even need to necessarily start trying to pour yet into them away just model the way right this allow them to look on you and model be that example for them, and then some some people you get to to motivate them right you know can be summed that. They carrying heavy low and you just have to continuously motivated right inspire the motivate them motivate them. That's where you are in your relationship with them. You can't challenge their growth yet because they haven't matured to the point to receive the challenge. So you just motivated your motivating them, and then now you're ready to go into a more intimate relationship where accountability can be had where you can be called. To the carpet and that's a mentor relationship where you begin to be transparent about your flaws and your failures so that the person following you can receive a wisdom and navigate around those holes.

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