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Human being that is so far removed from who you are because of the chemicals inside of you that you can say and do some pretty nasty things today he's clear eyed and sober humbled with a new perspective on the man he was I was able to my best friend he and his wife Jacqueline a former beauty queen who's been his rock for more than a decade live in the posh suburb outside Nashville with their kids giving us a preview of his new album the space between the shadows dives head first into the lessons he's learned there is a light despite the darkness there is a color despite the gray and if you want it you can have it and I found it and I want to share that would pretty much sum up the journey that the record takes you on I mean you're baring your soul yes do you ever worry about getting hurt when you open up so much you know I should have thought about that in in nineteen ninety four when I started writing lyrics and songs with cream because it's just how I write music it's high right lyrics it's what moves me finish the sentence Scott Stapp is a husband and father you're in a good place yeah my greatest accomplishments in life my Grammys on my children and my wife they mean more to me than anything that I could ever achieve or receive or have received in my entire career and if I never get another accolade if if I never reach Gainey panicles of success as I've done in the past in my career moving forward I've already achieved at all with a family that I have reported for perspective I'm juju Chang.

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