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At all for a minute to be determined to do something so bold in dacia as to stick up for them yeah say deep philosophical fair there which is just means nothing and it just makes him sound fair but that doesn't mean anything it certainly doesn't mean he's going to go against what likud once over there and force end of the occupation or anything like that yeah yeah i think you're absolutely right it's gonna it would take someone with a really deep seated belief in what they're doing and donald trump never really demonstrated that i guess one of the things like the silver lining out of this stuff is like it really is just a great example to me of how how full of shit this whole idea of democracy is because like you said even trump was just smart enough to kind of know what's popular to say and know what would please the crowd in front of them know what would get him elected alternately and so yeah he came out and he was like yeah this war in iraq is bullshit we shouldn't be fighting any of these wars what are we dying and spending billions of dollars for for nothing this is this is all crazy and it's like yeah you'd have to say that to win i mean we know if you wanted to run on like george w bush was great and the war in iraq was a really great idea we know what would happen because jeb bush lindsey graham ran and they couldn't get one percent of the vote i mean so it's like the but still even after trump wins and it does remind me of how george w bush won by saying we wouldn't use the the military for nation building obama won by saying we would end all of these wars but no matter who the people vote for you end up getting a basically the same people that lindsey graham president lindsey graham would have appointed.

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