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But slater's just i don't know everything about it. Has he given up a sack yet. I think shocks handling myles garrett one on one this is the best edge in the league in my do you like myles garrett we've already seen can dominate teams dominated the bears e putting he literally hand like handed the bears and embarrassment vows bat. Also worse. I think i heard that was the worst performance by team in the nfl or super bowl era. I believe it. I mean he was making jason peters look like he was just a swinging door like he wasn't even there did. It was bad like in just as a rookie doing that. Plus you have corey wensley Which signing that they lost. The packers lost austin exciting. I wanted him honestly. I when i thought we were gonna lose trent williams. I wanted corey lansley. The charges are good. They look really good in awesome dude but also the chiefs look bad. Look bad if you read the article you would see that. I asked if the chiefs have a serious problem before this game. They're going to have a tough time against the bills. And while i was writing them like Let's come back to bite me if they if they finally click here but they do a lot. And i've also talked about. I think i do. I have this on here. I think one of my game reviews was going to be the bills chiefs. But if you watch that game it it looked like the chiefs looked so sluggish. If you've watched the chiefs this whole year what they do their defense sucks. They're like they're probably the worst defense in the league. I feel like them in. Seattle are on the lead evans. Seattle are up there. Like they're they're fighting and then like If you the combination of the chiefs this is why they're doing bad is because patrick they figure them out. You can't have a team and this is kind of like i'm pulling back the packers 'cause you know they're i feel they're the biggest example of this if a team if you know a team's only gonna pass the ball you just drop back like every person and just rush to like especially if you have great rushers eka just rush two or three and have hoped to have that. But you're going to force a quarterback to try to make plays and if you just know that you can't win a team you have to keep the fair. Let a defense. They're definitely but we've already known chiefs her only pass team and the torch you over the past. I mean you look at. I thought edwards hilar- was gonna take a huge step forward this year. I thought he was going to be awesome. Took a huge step back where he dominated the bills last. Remember and lewis good game in this game. He ever listened to yards a carry. Their leading rusher was mahomes by a significant margin and there are a couple teams who can win with their leading rusher being their quarterback the chiefs are not one of them. Yeah we will get into that. But it was patrick mahomes. He looks like he's in. This is the thing with these new quarterbacks. Like an all talk about this. With the mar- these new quarterbacks are looking for the trendy thing they're looking for it to be trendy and patrick mahomes trying to look for new sidearm pass. He's making these huge risks. Which now. I think he's just aggressive..

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