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Welcome back to I'm interested. I'm Mike Greenberg and my guest this week absolutely fascinates me by the way I have had people tell me that I use the word interested too much podcast. I'm going to do my best not to people telling me to drinking game. Now, people are listening to the podcast and they're taking drink every single time I used the word interested and just as quick side, I have a terrible personal association with that because when I was in college, I remember going to the Wrigley field bleachers to watch a cubs game and we were, we used to do a beer and inning. And then we decided one game we were going to do a beer run, and the cubs gave up eight runs in the first inning, and I don't remember much of the rest of that day, so I must be careful with those things anyway. I digress the the idea here for those of you who are new to our podcast is that I just find interesting people and talk to them about the things that make them interesting to me. And my guest this week is someone who is a phenomenon that I don't know that I fully understand. But over the course of the next forty, five minutes or so, hopefully we will figure it out. He is the mouth of the south. He had hosts and incredibly not just successful, but I think important from a sports perspective, radio program, hosted TV show on the SEC network is part of college game day, which I think at this point is ESPN's most successful show most significant show and has become an incredibly important part of it. He's Paul finebaum and here's the way Paul I will start. Why are you looking at me like then I just can't believe I'm here, but anyway, keep going where where were you otherwise expecting to be? No, I'm just I'm loving this introduction. Okay. Well, that's good. Thank you. I pride myself on those. Here's how I would describe you. My knowledge of you. I've been SPN a longtime. I've worked in the media, a longtime, and I feel like on a Tuesday, I had never heard your name in my life. And on Wednesday, you are one of the three or four most important voices in the sports conversation. Paul finebaum. How did that happen? I, I would love to give you a dissertation that that sounded intelligent and well-thought out in even maybe a Ted intellectual, but but I don't think there's an easy answer. What I did greenie is I was a newspaper guy. I loved it. I never thought anything would be better than that. I felt like if I hadn't gotten to the New York Times by age thirty, my life was going to be over and it didn't work out. I got involved in some things, especially lawsuit that circumvented my career from progressing and I was devastated. So then I became a columnist knocked around Alabama, and it just kept moving down the road a little bit. And a couple years ago, it finally happened where people outside of a very small region began to to hear my name. So I don't. I know you talked a lot of people that that sometimes. Pinch themselves and they're not really sure where they are. I'm one of those because I've seen it from all sides in. I don't. I still don't believe that even though I love hearing what you said. I'm not sure I quite buy in to that description. Is the the loss that you refer to? Is that public knowledge about? I don't know at what happened. In another lifetime I was newspaper reporter. I was an investigative sports reporter. And we broke a story. I won all these awards that usually get you the next level. And I had a job at the Philadelphia Inquirer that I was about to go except the job on Monday, and they called me Sunday afternoon and said, we don't need you. We've just found out you were in a lawsuit, and it was one of the most devastating moments of my life that this whole career that I'd built from college came to an end and in some ways, I'm not sure I still have recovered from that because that's what I wanted to do. I'm glad now and see the state of the newspaper business. What year was this is in the early eighties also interviewed and Chicago. I thought that was going to get a job there..

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