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Voice did you pattern your style after anyone were you influenced by anyone I don't think I am I can act I need one up close and you'll travel to delight naturally there are people home user fee what aid can everyday personal somebody who was a stage personality and you're always taking on because you're getting more and more aware of what's going on in the world and walked around you but I never really thought about pattern myself after anybody I just want to be myself tugging here briefly because she's busy with the the lovely and talented Eartha kitt too is just a phenomenal performer should be at the stone in theater this coming week April thirteenth through the seventeenth of trailing it takes in a sec let's go back to bed after that did you have any idea any of you people back then how big a deal that was there would be what can you come home I am no I'm sorry but when you were doing the Batman shows it did you have any sense that this is going to take off like a day at a matter of fact I did it I didn't even think about it they call and ask me by the do the count can't can't learn access yes it should of course I don't even think about how I should in temperature or analyze our anything because I live with cats all my life for three cat so fifteen or twenty cat that I've had from time to time in my life so I'm in the I have always been a great cat lover on the gate great at what chair and I learned a lot from cat and also being a dancer and an athlete I learned I became very much aware of the body movement through watching cats well a difficult you name is Eartha kitt kind of fits too I always love that connection and by the way I don't care what anybody says you are still cat woman in my book eight by the way did your appearance in a movie called holes which is a lovely film a few years ago I I get a kick out of seeing you there playing ms Newton Adams a Roni right yeah that was a great great the part that you played and you continue to play them thank you so much I know you're busy and and I know that you have a lot of fans in the be coming to the stone in theater this week April thirteenth through the seventeenth you can call seven eight one two seven nine twenty two hundred or visit Stoneham theater that's within our E. Stoneham theater dot org for more earth a thank you and god bless you okay let me practice not valid you plants that what you're allergic I get like lag the entrance I'm driving back home to Connecticut I want live flowers because lance always die each okay folks you heard it here first she wants those cut does live flowers thank you very much you're in your studio thank you so it is.

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