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Though he aiding him in the leg the was injured but not killed Rosser called the decision to use deadly force proportionate legal and necessary and I support from pulling the trigger by my officer because if we probably hesitated I've been dealing with a funeral right now from one of my officers were also says those girlfriend and two young children were also in the town house of time Meghan clarity WTOP news the rape and sex assault trial of Harvey Weinstein is once again mark by emotional testimony this time it's from a woman who says she was sexually assaulted by the former movie mogul in for don donning says the assault happened after she jumped at winds teams of Tatian to screen test for movie roles she claims one sting truckers apartment bedroom and touched her inappropriately when she stood up in shock she says one sting told her not to make a big deal about it and that it would never happen again that's perks are warning that terrorists could have some surprises in store this year in this week's edition of the hard with WTOP national security correspondent JJ green Honda Jake of Schindler's senior director of the counter extremism project says there are several key issues to keep in mind what happens to the Taliban if there is an agreement with the United States and my assessment is going to be that as soon as the agreement is done there will be spent a group splintering off the Taliban every time that was a major put into question for the Taliban this happened and now we have isolated Khorasan which is the Isola filled yet in Afghanistan as a ready made organizations although spring two groups don't actually need to form their own groups anymore they can just simply join isel and is second a strategic question is the Middle East now that's the area for all intents and purposes at least as far as violence is concerned slowing down compared to the horrible situation a couple of years ago what happens with those groups who fought in Syria that actually not Syrians I'm speaking yeah mainly of course I'm off this Paula what is the most dangerous of all of the issues that you mention depending on what your definition of dangerous his arm potential to kill more victims S. R. hands bound Islamist terrorism I'm and as I said I don't expect a major drop in violence that I'm one thing that their data mice of the caliphate has done is that possibly be the ability to conduct terrorist attacks in Europe and North America has diminished but that doesn't mean anything for the regions where the if it gets off at Middle East Africa Southeast Asia Asia I'm back unfortunately it doesn't have the same fate that doctor Hans Jacob Chandler senior director of the counter extremism project the longer version at W. T. O. P. dot com search national security JJ green WTOP news be with us again next.

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