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Do. And I know that to bed has in his In his mock draft yesterday that was out there on On P F. N I think that's absolutely a nonfiction. Although I think they'd rather add linebacker, and so maybe they're trading back once and then trading back again. If somebody really wants Slater Slater isn't a need. It's a It's insurance at this point. Do you want to keep paying? John James 14 Million? Maybe not. But let's say he stays healthy. Right then you have to kind of bring him back. If he plays in a pro bowl kind of level, sort of like Garrett Bolles. You can't just let him walk. You have to. You have to bring him back. And so I think that Slater's Ah, really nice prospect. And so you have to consider it. It's just gonna be fascinating all the way around. I haven't been this excited about a draft in a long, long, long time. But You just sent me an article. Grant. Why don't you give me the The gist of it before I was like, Oh, this is from that was just 10 o'clock, his latest mock draft. Okay, well, let's kind of dig into Jason Boris is going to join us at 10 06. He makes his bones actually not as a full time media member. He's a high school raft, and he's got some other jobs, but he does fancy himself a draft expert has been sighted by Really reputable outlets as as a good draft or so he has the Broncos at nine going, Justin Fields, and this is the sense I get it. Justin Fields that nine. The Broncos are gonna take him. The question is, will Justin Fields get to nine? And I guess the wild card is it relates to a team that would go get Justin feels that we know needs a quarterback. Everyone thinks the Patriots are going to trade up and what I hate about the Idea. The Patriots won't trade up because Belichick doesn't normally do that we'll just two years ago two years ago three years ago, he traded uprising to win. Went went up to 23 to get Isiah win still kept their picket 31 seconds. Right after they lost the Eagles. 31 took Sony Michelle the running back out of Georgia. Isaiah win his teammate, the lineman from Georgia Guard tackle who I thought projected as a guard. They played left tackle. He's a little undersized for my taste very easily 63 the mountain of a man in person, but Still 63 versus 6667. He didn't want to sell the senior Bowl. He didn't look like a tackle. So, Belle, check to that. But what I hate about the idea that you never trade up. For 20 years. He had Tom Brady and the position you trade up form. Most is quarterback. That's why the chief's traded up for Patrick Mahomes. That's why the Rams traded up. The At the time. The Redskins now Washington football team, traded up to two with the Rams to go get RG three. That's why the Eagles traded up to go get Carson wants you trade up for quarterbacks. You trade up. You traded a spotter to for a guy you love right? The Broncos jumped in. Traded up a lot to go get Tim Tebow 25 quarterback a long, long time ago. It's funny, the people that still think Tim Tebow should be quarterback grant. But the idea that Bill Belichick hasn't done this. You know what else he hadn't done spent a billion dollars in free agency, but he did that this year, so To say that past performances, predictive of future results. I think is a little misleading. The one thing we know is that Bill Belichick likes to make moves. He's made more trades or last two decades than any GM will put GM and quotes and football and he and Andy Reid had a statue. Especially Andy was in Philly, where they're making trades all the time. In one year, they traded seventh round picks. They just swap them just just a Have a laugh to keep their streak going. But The Patriots, I think could be in the Justin Fields business, especially if he gets past four. And so I think that I, depending on who would come up? I think the Bangles are locked in at five. It's a question. It's a two man race there. Jamaar Chase. Are you giving your quarterback And Joe bro, not just a dangerous weapon, a familiar dangerous weapon. Wouldn't you think that's the way they're leaning? Because if your franchise you know you're all behind Joe Burrow if you're the Bangles, and if that's who he wants, and you've seen their work together. I think that's just what you have to do if you're them. I mean, I know he was the one who sat out last year, right? Yeah. Yeah, So I mean, maybe that's making him hesitate a little bit. But if you're all in on Joe Burrow and he really wants this guy, I think they got to take to Mark Chase. I do, too. And here's why Yes, You can find receivers every year, but not one that has this report and this skill set and that you're picking out five. I know that you could make the argument That's plenty of good receivers later. In fact, the last Draft last year. The best receiver was just in Jefferson, and he was taken to see the fifth receiver taken. Right. You had obviously to Alabama kid with drugs and Jerry duty here. You have CD lamb and did did did moderators kids? Jaylen rigor go in the first round. So that put Jefferson is the fifth receiver. Unless he went after. Maybe use the fourth receiver. You can. You're double checking for me right now. But I just think you want not only keep your quarterback happy you confined right tackles. They drafted Jonah Williams out of Alabama. And you know, I've done Mark, not mock draft, but I talked to somebody for the Broncos daily podcast every day. About the city that was drafting. So you know, last Monday, I did the Jags and by Friday did somebody with Bangles and Jonah Williams is their left tackle. He tore his knee in December. They signed Riley Reef, the veteran But only on a one year deal. So they have a left tackle. And I know that offensive line is more premium than wide receiver right in the top. 10, your premium picks. You need to go look at quarterback Edge Russia Corner. Offensive tackle in No particular order was quarterback obviously being first. But no particular on the other three. Necessarily. They have Jonah Williams, and they have rightly re for the year. If you can put tea Higgins on one side. Taj Boyd is your slot receiver with Jamaar Chase. E think you've got something that's a pretty good line up and going back to last year's draft. Jalen Rigor was selected 21 to Philadelphia and next pick Justin Jefferson 22 to Minnesota. So you were right. My body was big Eagle's fan who really want to see the lamb really want a jury duty really want to see the lamb? Was freaking out when when they took Raider instead of Jefferson. So was I thought Jefferson was really fun to watch Ingemar Chase two years ago were were just awesome. So you can call us if you want to chime in for the next Few minutes or a little later on after we talk to Peter King, But we've got some time here three or 3713, 85 85 Brain and Crystal and grant are long for the next 2.5 hours. Now, a little bit more taking until noon. And for Logan and Louis. You can also text us 5669 know this from 719 that's interesting became not opposed to taking a corner. I just haven't seen many marks with the Broncos going deviate Number nine, So it's refreshing. My mark is out, and I'm here. I'm going to get on Twitter as well. But It's um It is. Let's just say it's not me, just guessing it's uninformed. It's uninformed speculation. I got another wide receiver. Question for you. Why You know Devante Smith wins the Heisman last year is his draft stock. Just lower because of his size. You had all that is he weighs £160. And that's the problem As somebody who weighs 180 right now, uh But isn't six Ft. 61 I look at how skinny that has to be in the NFL, cause you'll come across skinny guys in an NFL locker room and you're a sick man. Really? Or guys with small feet. Remember there was a cave on Webster came almost your size eight shoes. And I was like I start putting shoes on down like what's that? She's like eight. She's eight. Okay, but You know he produces. I mean it. Zoo personnel. People in the NFL and coaches get it. They get In their own way, and that's why Russell Wilson goes in the third round. Okay, That's where you have to really appreciate what Arizona did by bucking convention to making a five a barely 5 10 quarterback the very first pick in the draft. Right, so S so I Drew Brees is going to help him. But when the second round, not the first round There. You couldn't tell me that..

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