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I am so delighted to welcome Nathan Chung to the show. Hi, Nathan, Hi Jenny, your ear and. Having to me you. Know, I'm so happy to be on a have to say. It's been a while since I wants to get you on the show and managed to to I noticed very early in the morning. If you so thank you so much for. Taking the time to speak to me. Wants say Nathan has a little bit about you. Correa and then some of the things that you're passionate about, and that may be a little bit about. Some of the things that am that are happening at the moment now there may be fattened the industry. If that's okay, sure. Yup, go ahead. Okay, if it festival for those who don't know you, which must be under rock. Do you want to just introduce yourself? Just say what it is she day instead of how people might Nagy assured the problem, so I am currently A. I specialized in cloud security at for Ernst and young the big four. I'm currently Arkansas sent doing lot of audits and its authority architecture to make clouds more secure. And I I work with AWS Azure I am very passionate about helping women cybersecurity. Giving back to the community through volunteer and also. I care about new technologies. You've written some brilliant obstacles unless and I'm GonNa get into these things. Shortly I'm particularly about you. Support for women and awards and things of being an ally, but let's start earlier on. Could you talk to me about? Somebody went joy. Technology is kids that you always like Compi uses. Did! You know that you get a career? And they did it start. You could say. The. The Nasdaq so. I got into genealogy early on and I work my way up through the career track starting off his condition of administrator manager into security, though I had a very full career learning from the bottom up. I'm very excited about technology because. I've seen a transition ever. Since. Ima Stas, days and Commodore people are nap, not only to Windows, and now we out the newer technologies. Of Virtual reality is. Cloud securities like. So many new technologies are al and it's changing our world. I do see that the covid nineteen. Dislike during times of. Road warriors it. It is very much accelerating to knowledge and technology adoption. Because she said that I mean I was just reading some of the articles that you take that it's. The cove. The pandemics opportunities to bring forth the technology renaissance. Really I mean you such an optimistic person. Antibody follows you. And you make me off to miss it. You know there's Times I've put something out to eat. Or does it and it really kind of makes my day so amid I? Know you're an optimistic person and support this, but she really think. I am the pandemic skin you know inspired actually Civis, bring technology. Perhaps that wasn't accelerating so quickly. Do bring it to the fore. Now be adopted that that is that the type of thing you mean, yes, because just like during the road warriors. Yes, we're going three change in rural which. Bringing people are dying by the time to -nology is advancing because it has to. Resemble now we have like. Drills that delivering food medicine and be out. Even A. Cloud Ski, I strongly believe that cloud companies will adopt cloud faster now because we can't fiscally Goto, easily go to a data center anymore right now. Shoppers Like it or not, I rural is change all we can do is. Accept it and just just go with the blow. You spoken about this. Announce goes to sell. You said that like Fukushima in Japan. The they that kind of force. Actually you want just talk about that example that you gave the. Put a link to the article in the show notes, but. A little bit about that because that's a similar type of thing it's. Trades House of problem right? Yes, and I'll forget my. Article was also published in this mackney called Amick, I guess in the Europe somewhere. Okay? The I think a European publication. Okay, we'll take out a link. Gay sold again Cosima that. That's a good example right there. where an earthquake caused massive damage nuclear power plant. So when there's so much radiation, humans cannot safely go in there to help find a problem. sel Is using robots and robots really have helped by going to where people cannot go safely and. Going to small. Small places and that that is a complete example how robotics is is really changing how things are done. The old days would just like if you look at the Chernobyl. He tried relies. Wasn't that. The back so the to do it. The old school way of just sitting people in reactive active suits, but now yep today Italian you that so much that he can use robots and robots is. The Future Dowell Change. Not just. were safety, but also word knife bash rained automation. Yeah, you can tell us a bit about because you work with him. Spark mindset date. And they kind of about using technology for you. WanNa tell us a little bit about what you do, and what they China because they sort of fit this theme of of using technology creatively. Yes, isn't he? So spare mindset is based in Colorado. It's a nonprofit and they. Go. They invited me to join the board. Their mission is to use new technologies virtual reality. To help, train underprivileged workers, who cannot get normal cybersecurity education, so they're learning things like security plus. Base cybersecurity and these are underprivileged kids who? May, not have the opportunity to regular university amazing. So what happens day? Saint many virtual reality to lay in it, they. How is that different from just being online? It's very similar being online, but you're in a virtual world, so instead of. Learning the old school method of being in a classroom and having instructor, you could have the instructor teaching you in virtual world, and using like resembled three dimensional objects, or Luxembourg terminates is learning differently. Yeah, I mean. I guess as well the more exciting and the more kind of and. Cola can make you know the most sort of tie. You can make it the more. The kids will get an enjoy. Yes, the lion is the key is. Because, you're so you so such in Africa for bringing people into the business. The one thing that I would say that makes me wonder about this is. So you advocate technology I need to Hobo and US crazy and I say to Mr Person, but you erase Oscar. Encouraging people into the information security industry and I love the article Nathan I did. Partly because see one of the things is that. You saying that you know you don't always go to the big hockey conferences that you don't have to be a hacker. Gret. That's one of the one of the biggest misconceptions in Cyprus cookie globally today where people think. cybersecurity equals only hacking. Whereas it can reach in multiple multiple in number of areas. When the biggest trends now is the privacy like the GDP are Europe and the new. Privacy legislation in California so that's a good intricate for a lot of people were not tentacle like A. About the legal profession who already know many laws and legislation they would be ideal candidates translators straight to hide the. Yeah. I mean you said that you see? Lawyers and teaches unjust. And analysts. said in the article that just lots of different ways to get into the business for you also talking about in the same article, you said you know you gotta go with jobs on. This is such products. Spies is like there are states that have big am socks, though there's a states that a more privacy focus scholley now the chew. It's of slightly different advice. Nick because the people still do you think physically have to go with those jobs all? Do you think that the way can online adoption maybe as much as it, so the vice doesn even masters much anymore. You know the you don't actually physically after. Go You rob a good point Jenny. With pandemic. It will change how work is done in the cyber security field however..

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