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We're your host set Green Hill here tweet give you some thoughts on the Las Vegas Raiders before entering into the world of news and other topics we just seem to find interesting. So here we go. Well Buddy. So week away in, it appears the raiders are going with youth her what you make of these Prince Amore Releases Damon are net with a cast around his hand and what they're doing wide receiver and defensive back both youthful positions. I The plan has been youth all along since since mayock and more you know. Even before that Gruden came in. They were China revamp the roster and they were trying to get younger along the way get faster and more athletic and all the things that you want out of football team and it's pretty clear that they're at that point. Now, some of this is you know prompted by injury tyrel Williams is going to be kind of the leader, the veteran in the receiving core he's done. He's hurt. So now you look at a lot of the younger guys being present action sooner in the secondary like it's pretty clear that there was a youth movement by design, they wanted to get younger they have and they wrote in Prince Amukamara as an insurance policy like if Damon it's not. if for whatever reason you know he comes in and he looks like a rookie and you know they're not going to be comfortable day one he's there he can. He can start. He's been around the league. They don't ready in their mind that you know they've seen enough from him. They believe he can step in and be a starter day. One trayvon Martin was hurt. They thought it was serious thought it could be lasting into the season. It hasn't. He's back out on the field so. I. Think all of that combined. They said, you know what? We don't need that insurance policy anymore. That's a couple of million dollars of somebody that we're going to have sitting on the bench and we're comfortable with the guys that we have that are in here. Did. Game Our net break his finger before or after they released Prince amukamara before I think it's been it's been and they still released them then and I I think that tells you that he's going to be ready I. Mean we've you know we've seen the PAT on his arm for awhile and I think a lot of people me when I saw it was like, oh, it's you know he's he's just trying to be extra careful from that injury had in college and you know it's to be fine turns out. It was a new injuries, a thumb fracture that he's been trying to protect during practice but. I, think if it was any concern if they thought, he wasn't GonNa be ready. If they thought maybe linger into the season, they would not have released. Didn't think he'd just lost like tape around his hand I. Never Really Thought there was something to it. We'll thicker. A Lot. So it appears he was having a good time. He does dance a lot. I'll say, I, was just I was literally just at the facility like twenty minutes ago before we started taping this and they were doing their stretches because that's all we see during the season, the stretching periods and as everybody else was stretching David that was dancing and the. Coaches came over and he was like. Is, this is not stretching you stretch please was deuce group it wasn't Thomas. Now, but there it was but David has a good time on the practice field and I think. That's one of the things you've heard about them coming in is that he is he's a guy that just he he has a presence about him. He's a leader even if he's not leading, he's just a guy that everybody gravitates to and they were. They were excited about that. That was one of the reasons they liked him and you've seen that on the practice field has a good time out there. Sidebar, did you have the antibodies? No. I get tested this week you get tested right not the antibody test that tested every day for. Current infection very upset I. didn't have the antibodies even though they said you can get it again you're hoping. To openly crazy if you look if you're going to take blood from, tell me good news. I like the you know the the as they as they were telling us well, even if you have the antibodies doesn't mean you can't get it again. That's what she said to me today getting a twice. Why did you take my blood it well? At the same what good is a vaccine. I trust that more but I don't get vaccines never had a flu shot. If ever get it back know if they ever get seen, hold my breath, I'll never take the back for. What about Brian Edwards though because I think we both thought Brian Edwards. Hey, take this year. You're the to learn behind. Terrell Williams obviously Williams contract in the future I didn't think he'd come back. Brian Edwards be ready now say Hey Brian Edwards you're the guy so little I think we can safely say that there's more pressure David on it because of the position he plays and there's waller and others but how much does Brian Edwards have to come through now? Yeah well, there'll be a lot more pressure on him a lot a lot more pressure on all these guys that are going to be pressed into duty before you thought they might be ready. You Know Brian Edwards is the I. Mean. He is the the prototypical guy to step in and he's a tyrone Williams type. You WanNa say it that way. So if you look at all these options to have a wide receiver, yes, Jones has been really really good in Camp I galore has been really good at times and camp He could play that role a little bit too. But Pride Edwards is like he is just the the next Tara Williams. He's the bigger Guy can can go get fifty fifty dollars in the red zone that's what they want. To do sobriety over it slides into that role. Now I don't know if it's every down right from the beginning. I. Think they're going to rotate around a little bit and use a different formula of guys to plug in but he is that he is that role for for the raiders. So he'll be counted on a lot and I think he'll get more playing time than he would have, of course and moral be expected of him out on the field and everything that you've seen out of him so far lead you to believe that he's probably ready for that. Trent, Brown still live in Las Vegas. Does he still exist. He exists he was tweeting all night. Oh. Last night about college football like he did when he was at allegiance stadium. No. Trim products to tweet I would I would recommend you follow him out there if you're listening but I'd also recommend maybe not following him because you know what he reminds me of a little bit is. Like when you see all personalized license plate on the road. And you're sitting there at the stop later like what is. What does that mean right? What are they trying to say and it's kind of a fun little distraction but that's how Trent Brown tweets that say it goes overpaid but. I don't know that through. A. Lot Line v Games last year. Now, we don't know if he's So I'M GONNA I don't know if you follow Trent, but I'm going to no I only people follow me that's my real. He said. Last night. He tweeted I know you gonNA turn on me. GonNa are going Oh he said Gone I. Know You've gone turn on me. I don't know what that means but what I saw I saw. he also he also tweeted. You Not a part of my destiny entirely. He might be gone. Kids having some negative reading too much into this. I. Fast Food Guy who is this a easy gated like the food he got? What does that mean? You're well Okay. So, here's another tweet that he said last night. Now, this you gotta get a life you're sitting around reading this kid's tweets all night or follow him pops thought pops into my time on trying to a fantasy draft and I'm. Looking at the tweets for net all at a bad pick by you. What are you talk him out to pick them in the third round like nine guys. Nine running back thinking I. Bet you they. Let me get him in the sixth round and you guys. Unbelievable. So this this this one might lead you to believe he really is gone. Okay. Not Not God from the team but gone now gone he tweeted out in the middle of the night last night. Commercial flights get into hectic kids going back in new. England. Is the already on the flight might be, and then he tweeted out. Okay. I, I said this without even actually looking about the licensed plate thing he tweeted out this all caps. H. N D.. R. X. X.. Wouldn't you? Hendrix and I it sounds like that weird exit, the fifteen with Z., Z. Y. stuff. Five minutes ago Troy Brown during practice right now during practice I forgot to be your lover. Is Starting Week one we what's going on here? They need.

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