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I also feel that you just seeing no just to good teams. But two of the best managers in European football, which may be English clubs couldn't boost for five years ago. And that for me is making a huge difference English clubs dominating you open the lighter. Rafeh Benitez was involved in Liverpool. Marina was was Marino. But I just probably kind of went away from that a little bit. I know you see in the money making a difference. But. In particular. Do the men in charge are the ones who have these teams playing in a way that I think will will bring European success or bring them very close to your success with us yesterday. It wasn't what did you make the overall? You know, I I it was a fantastic. I disagree with Craig Wishart on yesterday show. I know I thought better the two teams. I for me. I thought city meet some mistakes and individual mystiques simple poces simple controls that I just didn't expect from them. And I just wanted to the occasion particularly early on was kinda getting to some of these players. And then it became an emotionally fear particularly wants to grow scores. But I live unlucky particularly with minded chance. But head to head as much as a no city one. I thought Liverpool look would send it was close. I mean. Yeah. Either way. Club change these sell after fifty seven minutes. He brought you went back to the full two three one in brought for Binion. He did that in my opinion because they want quite end the game as much as he wanted. That's the one thing I would say him, and it was very cool as well team show while equally size, and I still think to them complete yesterday. Just take a look at how the book as right now, we're gone, sits champions. They remember only only in the competition. Manage to city will favorite's still seventy-two Liverpool. Look a good bet don't they surely now at eight until one although Liverpool, of course, and got buying in the next round. The third round of the FA Cup kicks off today. Trauma? Take on Chan me, come in the full ten English. But we'll they'd hold it. Go listen till the forty minute oriented school great goal oriented pressure that Rienzie bore back then this zone from going. Larry liquor movement on that goodness me a lot of changes to this first signing introduction financial you enter a hat trick. In the second half the first coming just three minutes of the break. Not really she didn't watch. Lorenzo recently to be honest with you. He's just gonna be the Cote Montagna. Maybe is great. Oh, yeah. Again, son involved. Already after running stopped box finish. Moments later. It's sauna gets on the scoresheet to make it four now. Well, we're gonna mess has goals. When he when does he go. Middle of the month two shy middle of the month. Fifteen. Within. Because now you're ENZA do from all of skip. Mr. asking me when is going. You're say we get the hat. Most. Harry would come off the bench. He's useless. He would get much needed go. So then quite giant killing TV. We're looking for no. I think over a Mandic surely were hoping for more of a competitive game. It was before in the end if finishes trauma nil taught them seven Phil for the lot because gnome McMillan scores length, right? Most of his career England..

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