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Oh, you tuned in on the right day? I know storms everywhere. Thank you for tuning in. But I gotta tell you on my mouth Rushmore of most influencers for me the most influential people for me in the world of natural health, obviously, you guys know my relationship with Doug Kaufman. A mentor of mine worked with him for fifteen years, right next to, to that would be my next guest. He is Dr casts Ingram a longtime friend of this show. It's been a little while since we've had him on the air to my chagrin into my shame doc is sent me some stuff to review. I am just blown away by it, but it's time to reintroduce you to Dr Koss Ingram. Doctorine grim. Welcome back to super health. Great to be back on board there. I love you. I love you. It's been. Yeah. I mean, since that time, somehow someway, you know yourself myself, we just kinda family. We kind of stayed strong and powerful, and you gotta tribute that good, good, heart and spirit. But also to the wild medicine natural cures, and what you when you came on the scene years and years and years and years ago, we were talking about a Regalado not just any oregano, but why talk about it. Mountain oregano growing on the rock. It doesn't like dirt little spit, the dirt, it likes that white calcareous rock. It'll digest it and then live on that. And that's the stuff about ten thousand feet above sea level up that way. So that one, you got to pick that, and distill it on turn it into that, that oregano oil of oregano famous original brand that oregano P seventy three and that's a powerful germicide antioxidant, and his Dominica, and I cough, anti mucus, anti venom anti-toxins anti anti anti. But then no. You have we have the oil. But a lot of people don't know about something else, very interesting when I was overseas the mountains Turkey with the village chief, he says, you Americans are curious sort, on all you got on these trends, and you go on these things, but we don't use oil of regular here. Can you imagine that? That we use the juice. And he, he bigs out a case of pop bottles Pepsi bottles with corks he was bottling it up in his own still in the backyard. The juice have oregano, six thousand feet above sea level. He lived there. And, and so he was bottling that up and I said, well, what do you use it for while we use it to cure cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and diabetes? I said, you want me to go to jail. I'm supposed to say all that stuff. But I you know, he's no. I really works. Well, I'll give it to people that juice. That's the air medic water when you when you first came on and educated the entire world on oil of oregano. It was such a game changer. And it became my number one product, but juice, oregano is different. How is it different than the oil dock? H two oh, the universal solvent. Right. Was in your brain goes through your spinal cord. This spinal fluid goes into arteries of Amos and arterial blood goes into limp. H two O and what you're using the H two to dig the oil out of the plant steam steam, steam distillation, but that's deem interact with the oregano to make oxygen bonds to make a, you know, a oxygenated compound, that's the Jews. When jn. I'm I've got a bottle of it right now. And I'm and I'm smelling it, it is incredible. And then when I took it less, I got into fresh new bottle last night, and I took it and what I did. And there's a buddy of mine here in the studio. And he just took some and I put it in the mouth. But I held it in the mouth you recommend that you hold it. If possible. Hold it there, but it's a universal goes everything mouse. But the gut the stomach the intest intestines, the, the brain spinal cord that deliver the gallbladder the pancreas kidney universal universal, universal. So how. Yeah, go ahead. Well, you got to know that there's been good research on it. That Turks found that the Reagan. Oh, juice was a positive ion atropine which increased the pumping capacity of the heart muscle. In my investigations. I found that crosses the blood brain barrier, and takes out inflammation in the brain. And you have these plaques plaques from MS and Parkinson's in the plaques got dissolved by the oregano juice. So, so, yeah. When we, by the way, listen Dr Cass Ingram MONCAYO, drew on super health. When I was introduced by you to oil of oregano. I remember I was sick all the time, and you told me how to take the oil of oregano, and so, but I kept it around for when I was feeling, like I was going to get sick, but you're telling me off the air that juice of oregano is all the time everybody every day, regardless of season, you're in whether the juice, the village people take that one and it, you could take it every day a little bit. If you want, or every other day or twice a week, it's still going to be efficacious, but it's edible because it's H to Obama onto the wild spice oils, and they Reagan oils edible, too. Don't get me wrong IT everyday. But, but that juice. That's, that's the powerhouse. You know, who's a big fan of that name before I make mention it supports a healthy pancreas. I have the proof before. And after blood sugar, it's supports a healthy prostate, I have the proof with the PSA's. It's support healthy immunological response. And so, so, yeah. I mean, you know, who's a huge fan there in Oklahoma City. Yeah. Big bed. Lou Phillips over there at Meridian avenue nutrition. Yeah. He's over a fourth fourteenth in north Meridian and he has become a new friend of mine. And when I went to Meridian avenue nutrition. He has a full selection of North American herb and spice products as well as some purely wild products, which we'll talk about next week on the show, but he's got a full selection over there, and I have to give him some love today, because anybody that supports you, I I'm a fan of and. He's also got that juice always got the juice using it for litany of issues. He's an expert on it. So people could go there and twelve ounce bottles for what nineteen bucks or something, nothing. They could get that sip on a little bit of that. I had a woman who had that CBO. You know, that terrible small intestinal bacterial overgrowth? That's bad. Right. Went into her blood, and her her white so was high. And she was having diarrhea and miserable. Right. So the oil was doing okay. But we added the juice and the juice every time she had that gut get on fire twist around. She take a shot of juice, and it would calm her down and save her from a tremendous amount of misery, so. Yeah. That one two combination of the oil and the juice seem seems to be magic. Yeah. Well, it would be especially the chronic, so you have your ball, your spastic colon. You're all colitis your Crohn's disease. You got to get that oxygenated compounds deep into that tissue and clean that out the amoeba cryptosporidium Girardi and the stupid fungus candy. The says the cause of Crohn's disease. Slow growing. Juice of oregano is anti-tuberculosis. We have the data on that, even if the juice, even if it's in the closers in the bone or the lungs that doesn't matter it goes after it. And, and so the juice of I always have North American herb and spice oil of oregano with me now I'm going to have the juice with me. I haven't here right now. The aromatase that terp Enes, it's incredible. I told you off the air, I could just smell this and just as inhalation therapy, and I would be happy but boy, whenever I. Support. A number of people two hundred to three hundred and cut the juice, oregano, cut it in half. Well, this is Doug Kaufman, our old, buddy. Doug Kaufman, he loves this. I told him that I was having you on the air today. He said, give him my best and tell people to take North American urban spice oregano. You can get it over a wild oregano. You can get it over at Meridian avenue. Nutrition go see Lou fourteenth north Meridian. When we come back, let's talk about black seed oil, right here on super health. Bluecross blueshield believe everyone should have access to healthcare, no matter who you are or where you live. That's why in every state are companies are working to improve health and expand access to care from training..

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