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And a preorder his latest book stop mass hysteria. We're talking about what's going on with CNN they are, not coming clean, on the big lie we had great piece by Glenn Greenwald in, the intercept or you're saying if you look at what CNN. Did they came out and said we got this blockbuster report all this is the smoking gun this is Michael Cohen per- personal lawyer of President Trump saying that he was in the meeting where he knew the President Trump was told in advance. Of, the meeting, of, Don Jr. and that. Russian attorney with dirt on Hillary in Trump Tower now of course no no dirt, was there but so. What he didn't know that at the time and, CNN goes with this they're, running with. It, by the way we reach out to Cohen's attorney Lanny Davis and he said no comment no he was your, source Lanny Davis. Has now outed himself. As CNN source and Lanny, Davis, said, some things got mixed up in the reporting but no Michael Cohen never said that he had, any knowledge the President Trump knew. In advance of that meeting what that was. The entire huge deal that was been out there. For well I just just misinterpretations here so the Washington, Post backs off, their report New York Post backs off their report CNN won't back, off when this was their source he's outed himself as their. Source so Donald Trump tweets out CNN is being torn apart from within based on there being caught in a major lie and refusing to admit the mistake sloppy at Carl Bernstein a man who lives in the past and things like degenerate fool. Make, up story, after, story is being laughed. At all over the country fake news so Trump chose to what Trump does this, is Ellie tweets some. People love it some people hate it CNN communications, puts back right into Twitter, make no. Mistake, Mr President CNN does Not lie we report the news and we report when people, in power tell lies is the other thing I love about the. Media especially in. Places like CNN they never do anything wrong if they ever say. Something that's not true it was just. Inaccurate reporting said this, but if somebody else. Says something that's not. Necessarily true they lied on purpose and, they're horrible evil. People but for them Just was just a mistake. Makes mistakes CNN stands by reporting in our reporters how, how can you stand by that without giving us. Some more information The attorney for Michael Cohen says it. Did not happen he had Michael Cohen. Has testified twice under oath, it did not happen and yet you're still standing by your story when you used we know because. Davis out of himself Lanny Davis says, your? Source and you told your viewers that Lanny Davis had no comment We stand by our story Mr President Yeah and there, may be many fools in this story but. Carl Bernstein is not. One. Of. Them so their nanny nanny boo boo Greg they didn't say nanny nanny boo boo it, just sounds like though doesn't it Lanny Davis admitted he was, the source for CNN now they might have had more than? One. Source but if the actual attorney of the guy, who supposedly says I have this information flips, then who's sources better. Than. That In the original story CNN said Lanny, Davis had declined to comment Davison has refuted that claim wow That's crazy isn't. It Let me get Louis. In on WABC Louis you're. On the Savage Nation my name's Greg Knapp villain. In go. Right ahead About Trump study so Awesome I should. Have Obligation Puts them Influence people one way That's what, they're showing even. Dining illegals Registered as a lobbyist Well lobbying is actually going to a Senator or going to a, house member and saying I would like you to do this for me or for my constituents. Or for my district that's a little different than putting propaganda on TV But it does seem like propaganda at points Louis thanks for. Getting, I mean I don't know how an really an objective observer can watch CNN and, MSNBC and the New York Times and the Washington Post and not tell me there's bias when. Ninety two percent of the stories are anti Trump We'll FOX is biased to your right FOX's biased on their opinion programs they're more conservative on the straight news programs study after study has shown they're the most down the middle of any of the networks I mean there's, several they do these surveys and studies. Every so often and the last several that I've seen show FOX as the most down the middle in reporting the news during their news shows not their opinion shows but their news. Shows my favorite show I'll watch it every day is the special report. With Bret Baier that's giving you the news. And then they have a panel at the end that has both sides of the opinion I love what you. Think about eight five five four hundred savage eight five five four hundred savage you just there's no getting. Around the fact that CNN lie deal play play that John pseudo. Piece one more time. Cut ten police of, course tonight sources with knowledge tell myself and Carl Michael Cohen claims then candidate. Donald Trump knew in. Advance about the June twenty sixteen meeting and Trump Tower in which Russians were. Expected. To offer his campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton crucially these. Sources tell, us that. Cone is willing to make that assertion to the. Special counsel Robert Muller I should say they contacted by Cohen's attorneys that is Lanny Davis he, declined to comment and of course Chris you're speaking to, Giuliani the president's attorney and I'll leave. His response to you he declined to comment the only problem is Davis has said he was one of CNN sources now sure there may be other sources that CNN has besides Davis But. That doesn't change the fact that they, lied, about, Lanny Davis not commenting, he was, one of their. Sources and now they won't even talk about it they just keep saying we stand by our story that's pretty bad and then we, have the Brown, University story with, the rapid onset transgendered, is four you would they found that teenagers and young adults there are some that seemed to be influenced by social media videos in starting to feel like they're they have gender. Dis fauria and they put that up on the website at Brown University and the community outrage was such. That they pulled it down transphobic research and they're saying well we. Were just reporting what. We found we, we, weren't saying whether it was good or, bad and we have a lot more. Research to do not. Take it down Charles wanted to jump in on that Charles you're on the. Savage. Nation my name's Greg Knapp filling in go right ahead Thanks great I, found that that story interesting I had a colleague who did a, presentation on. Fourth street and was accused of using corn ization science so now you have. Colonization science and transphobic research and I thought it. Was the right. That was science but it seems like if the left doesn't agree with it that you know. They just change the name and.

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