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N. B. R. N. you can always treat me a question I love getting those tweets or anything comes up during the week you want to know what to do tweet it at P. Y. a radio again at P. Y. a radio and I'll be happy to respond so your question let's just let's just look back a little bit let's talk about March that wasn't too long ago how do for one K. do W. freight open of your statement and if you did go online and look at it they get hit well I'll bet it did because if you're like most people then as it was happening you're probably wondering the following how much am I paying in fees for this account it's not zero by the way what's my best investment option in this account right now as it's free falling I'm gonna retire in a couple years which I'd be putting my money into your question do you feel any stress as you start to choose which four oh one K. investment you should be in well if you answered yes to any of those questions what I'm gonna do today is hopefully make you a hundred percent confident in your ability to choose when and how you're gonna start taking money out of your four oh one K. once you're retired to support our lifestyle me now again used to a new lifestyle at home and you can imagine if you had to create your own paycheck because suddenly work stopped where's the money going to come from how are you going to create that without running out of money during your lifetime really great question sorry given that today as I educate you on how to reboot your four oh one K. now the market seems to have come back so now let's get started.

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