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Up through his death and now here in heaven, even more advanced I imagine. That he's praise the world's every day. Mother Teresa, again, very far advanced in the spiritual life. Praise the rosary every single day. Almost all the great saints have paid the rosary. Virtually every single day. And so I'm not beyond them. That's what I'm trying to say. And I have not so fully matured that the rosary no longer has a place in my life. And I think especially if all of Christ life is a continual teaching, all of it. Then why not have an opportunity to meditate on these mysteries of Jesus life by praying? That's all I'm saying. Just throwing it up there. But it's remarkable. So also recognized by paragraph 5 62. It says this, the crisis disciples are to conform themselves to him until he has formed in them. Again, Christ disciples are to conform themselves to him until he is formed in them. I might have mentioned this before. I think it was a quote from a book called Salvation by doctor Michael barber, where he had said he not Salvation is not merely. He does elevation from hell, although it is that. But Salvation is being saved from being like. Salvation is being saved from being like so that we're saved so that we can conform ourselves to the lord and they can be formed fully in us and mature. It can come to Christ com the full stature in each one of us. And so how do we do this? Well, we do this through the grace of the sacraments. But also, he says, very simply, when we have died with him and risen with him and taken up into the mysteries of his life, until we reign together with him. So again, I don't want to break down every one of these nuggets, although every one of these nuggets is worth breaking down. I will highlight these couple things though. Paragraph 5 63 and 5 64. 5 63 says this, no one, whether shepherd or wise man can approach God here below, except by kneeling before the manger at Bethlehem, and adoring him hidden in the weakness of the newborn child. We recognize that we can not approach Jesus unless we're willing to humble ourselves. You probably have heard about this, but there's the church of the nativity in Bethlehem. You know where Jesus was born. If you ever want to walk into the church of the nativity in Bethlehem, you have to stoop down.

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