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As of, you know, mid February short term the markets Look, look look like they want to go higher from here. Lot. We are seeing some signals. They're awesome institutions that are beginning to dump stock. But there are plenty that when this when the selloffs to occur there being Purchased on the dips, so there's a big buying the dip buying still occurring, so there's a big tug of war. I mean, the markets are our extended here. They are historically very rich. Um so, but short term out. Technicals are pointing to higher stock prices for the near term. But that could all change overnight again are our gym, if a, which is a proprietary algorithm? It's very, very accurate in forecasting which way the dominant money flows are, whether they're incoming or not flowing. Got it now. I was looking at the investor sentiment survey. And it looks like a bullish sentiment jumped up this week and bear sentiment. Got got reduced. So looks like Peeler becoming more optimistic about the stock that exactly this week. It's almost with 2 to 1 ratio. Typically, when you hit a 2 to 1 ratio, a short term top is near. When you when we hit off 321 raised here when there's three bowls every bear, then significant, declined to Billy Crystal. We're not there yet. But if this bullishness continues over the next 1 to 2 to three weeks. We can look for a sizable pull back in the markets. But as of right now, things did. Things looked positive for the upside, right. Okay, So you subscribe to the theory that things come in waves, right? You have run ups and you have run downs, OK, And so, do you see that this run up? You know, it's hard to predict when it's gonna end. But it will end at some point is that is that fair to say everything comes to an end. There was a way to count principle. It's called the Elliot Wave. It's It was invented. I believe in the 19 twenties. Um Hi, Mr Elliot and it Zafira Way theory, meaning that there's five waves and to every cycle you have the initial wave where there's a lot of doubt that the rallies even beginning then you have a corrective wave to then you have another thrust high. We just wait three. Where a lot of people get on board. Then you have another pullback way for and then you have five. Wait, wait five, which is When things get silly when everybody comes into the market, And as we saw over the last couple of weeks we had the game stopped fiasco. I was reading an article I believe on Yahoo business where I believe this city 30% of the U. S population during that game Stop fiasco with AMC Stock and BlackBerry stock that Almost 30% of the American adult population traded one of those vehicles during that time period. Have. That is that is That that's scary. That's scary, because it shows you that everybody is in and when everybody's into the market, just like we saw in 1999, the rug gets pulled out, and when it happens, it is catastrophic. It is vicious and it is quick. Where people just don't have time to get out. And another thing that everybody should watches when the volatility picks up when you have these massive swings that the upside downside intraday That's when you know that typically occurs at the top because When the market is going to collapse. It's going to take both the Bulls and the Bears. It's gonna It's gonna run higher and then those that Embarrassed You're going to throw in the town. Then all the sudden it's gonna correct And those that are bullshit, like Oh, This is it. This is this is this is so here's the Big one. And they're gonna start shorting the whole rip high. I'll take them out and this vicious volatility when that begins to bask in the form of top, And then there will be an inflection point where the rug gets pulled out. And you know you will see the doubt collapse. 567 8000 points in a matter of days on will be scary, but with with every scary event, there's always opportunity. Right. So your email subscribers they're gonna be getting The notice. When you see the technicals indicate that we're at the top, and we're about to go down, you'll be emailing all your subscribers now's the time to get more cautious or even right. Absolutely so if you want to get these signals For three weeks and no cost text the word Spartan 2474747, or if you want to speak to us. Does tactical management fit into your portfolio? Remember, it's there is risk you could lose money. Just like you can investing in the regular stock market. It's a different kind of risk, and sometimes the market goes down and this can make money. And sometimes the mark goes up on this won't make money or even lose, so it depends on The accuracy of the trades, But we have a pretty good track record. So if anyone wants to figure out maybe diversify your portfolio instead of having all buy and hold what if the market crashes? Is there at least a chance, and some of your portfolio is actually making money. During that time calls it 866 wealthy calls it 866. Well, they talk to us a little bit about your situation. It could be a five minute call. We could sort of figure out what you're doing. And if it's even worth having discussion about whether this strategy would make sense for you and benefit you, So, uh Obviously, the best way to see is get three weeks of the signals and the analysis and you'll see Is this something that makes sense doesn't resonate with you. And is it something that could help you have better performance in your portfolio? So again, if you want to reach us question us about this or any other strategy calls it 866 wealthy. That's 866 wealthy. Thank you for joining us. Thanks again for inside all.

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