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Hello I'm Tom what the Chinese authorities have given conditional approval for public use for a Corona virus vaccine developed by the state owned drugmakers. Sino Farm. It's the first official backing for any of the Chinese made vaccines undergoing clinical trials. Foreign bull reports. China's pharmaceutical industry has been slow to develop approved vaccines for Cove in 19 than some government that giants in Europe and the US, for example, But mass inoculation has been taking place in China for months, using vaccines that a late trial stage In July, Beijing approved three different jobs for emergency use in key workers and other people at high risk. By the end of November, 1.5 million doses of vaccine had peanut ministered. Sign of farm says it's Jeb has 79% effectiveness. Nearly 1200 people have died with covert 19 in Brazil in the past day, the highest figures since the beginning of September. Leonardo, Russia, reports. A recent surge in the number of cases has put further pressure on the government to begin a mass inoculation program. President Jacobo Sanada, who has repeatedly dismissed the severity off the coronavirus, says there's no reason to panic and vaccinations will begin in mid February. Brazil hasn't yet approved the use off any off the vaccines available in the market. In Argentina. Health regulators have given the green light for the emergency use off the AstraZeneca vaccine developed in Britain. The announcement came hours after it began inoculating people across the country using those is off the Sputnik V jab it bought from Russia last week. The joint African Union and the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Sudanese region of death. Four comes to an end today after 13 years. Troops were deployed to protect civilians after mostly non Arab communities rebelled against the government in Khartoum security forces were accused of committing genocide in Darfur for Africa. Correspondent Catherine Bureau Hunger has this report. It's the start off the new year. Peacekeepers in Darfur for will no longer patrol the region, protect displaced people's camps or helped deliver aid. The force of nearly 4.5 1000 people now has six months to pack up his assets and leave. It's one point you name it, as it's called, was the largest peacekeeping mission in the world, but has been criticized for not doing enough to protect civilians. Dar four is much safer today with some attacks on civilians. Most of the rebel groups in the region signed a new peace deal with the government in October. Officials in Australia have warned against what they call coronavirus super spreading events on New Year's Eve. Sydney's traditional New year fireworks celebrations will go ahead but authorities have already banned group gatherings. Advantage points. Around the harbor Well news from the BBC. People in Britain have also been asked to avoid New Year's Eve celebrations. Because of the fast growing number of coronavirus cases. The warning by officials came is more areas of the country and into the toughest restrictions fronts is deploying 100,000 police and paramilitaries today to break up parties. And enforce a curfew imposed to combat the coronavirus. Clashes between protesters and police on the Pan American highway and Peru have left at least two people dead. Bary Vian media say The clashes took place after police trying to clear the highway in the northwest of the country, which was being blocked by farm laborers from major agricultural export companies. Calling for improved pay and conditions. China says it has never denied permission for two coal carrying ships with Indian sailors on board from entering its ports. The vessels have fallen foul of China's embargo on imports off Australian colt. Embarrassing at erosion is in Delhi. Chinese denial follows months of diplomatic wrangling involving China, India and Australia. The ships with about a quarter of a million tons off Australian coal have been waiting outside Jim Tang and coffee in polls one off them since June. Chinese officials initially cited the pandemic restrictions as a reason for not allowing the 39 Indian sailors to disembark. All this happening. I mean a trade war between Beijing and Canberra. China sees the two ships can move to a different port, but that involves financial loss for the freight handlers. The United States says it's imposing new trade tariffs on France and Germany, weeks before New administration takes over in Washington knew US taxes are being added on aircraft manufacturing parts and on some wine and other alcohol products from the two European countries. U. S. Accuses the European Union of unfairly using figures from during the Corona virus pandemic to calculate which products it would impose tariffs on BBC news. Thank you very much indeed. For that's how everybody welcome to news Day Rebel tendon. 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