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So the team physician Dr Miller comes up to me on the plane and said he had something to tell me since this was second time I was retiring and that had he told me ten years previous. It might have affected my career, and I'm wondering what might that be that he was going to say, and what he said was that on the way to the hospital that first year he lost my pulse, three times lost your pulse, three times. In other words, you nearly died three times. What does that say to the inherent violence. In the game. What it says in this way. Bob is that was in year one. I played ten more years and I have nothing wrong with me today. What it did was to cause me to understand how to play the game more safe. Now, I didn't just play it myself more safely. I would talk to other players competitive teammates about how to play the game safe even in the midst of games because there were certain things I do that with striking ability, great leverage understanding the physics that I could harm someone easily. If I had chosen, I'm seventy three and I don't have any effects from having played off sport. We are certainly glad to have you visit today. Glad to see you in such good shape and you're staunch advocate of the new rule in the National Football League. Willie linear continued good health to you, sir. Well, we've remember the league were Burt Reynolds zone to team. Donald Trump is well, we're Jim Kelly, and Steve Young quarterbacks in the money flowed until it dried up the USFL what time it was..

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