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Take away the fourth of july. That's insanity and if anyone go along with that something's wrong with license or but nobody home you know what's amazing about the because there's there's two june teens right what they're saying is in galveston texas. You're talking about three years. After a lincoln frees the slaves but yet still before the thirteenth amendment prohibits slavery in the constitution. You got this union guy who shows up and he says hey by the way the slaves and then okay. that's fine. They this local tradition for however long hundred fifty years or something and then but now a few as as of what five minutes ago were told. Oh my gosh june. It's the most important feast and by the way people are going to jesse they're going to tell you. June eighteenth is not about replacing the fourth of july as the independence day in the title of the law that makes it a holiday. Call it the june eighteenth national independence day. Which in in my estimation is because we need a new independence state. We need a new flag. We need a new national anthem because the left wants to create a new nation where america once stood is why we cannot allow to happen. Somebody gotta speak up at some point. Because if you don't speak up about it'd be honest about it. They will change america and if they do. We're gonna lose america and there's nowhere else to go. America was given to us by god. And we can't. We should be grateful. I willing to die for my country willing to die for because it's a amazing to be born in america and to grow up here and to be able to do whatever i want a adult want. I have their freedom to do that. I cannot lead to evil people. Stop america and that's why we have to turn children back to the fathers and fathers badger the children because it has nothing to do. Your color has nothing to do with male or female is good versus evil. Yeah right versus whatever guy you sir. If you if you if you in a fall estate me you have anger. Say your daddy. So you go to serve satan and if you have overcome anger returned to the father god is your daddy and you go to serve god and we knew that at one time in this country and that what kept the children of the live back because the people guys spoke up they would not afraid of evil. They win it. They didn't take it personally where they rename called. And somebody job. Whatever tainted up. But i'm standing up for what is right. We must come back to that and especially men become supposed to lead the way. They're not bothering this. Supposed to be leaders and we got a bachelor national state of being. You know. I love jesse when you talk about anger because christ says he's very clear if you have anger in your heart against your brother you're committing murder against your brother. I mean this. This is a really dangerous thing. Not just for your brother but for you as well and for your soul and what i love. I mean jesse. You wouldn't remember this. But i remember the first time i met you. I was eighteen years old. I was a freshman at yale and somehow yale university didn't boot you off campus for being too right wing. Somehow they let an actual conservative guy of show up. You gave a wonderful lecture in a in this room. A bunch of white liberal stormed out and hated that you were there but you nevertheless said what you were going to say and the thing is no matter how shocking outrageous reactionary provocative the things. You will say you. Don't say them in anger. You've always got this very calm demeanor. Because you're just saying the truth is you see it in..

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