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I don't really know chiefs. I know the roles commute. She's hall of famer o on what the hell was his name. Yes way wasn't the guy who drove. Oj calendar cowan following. Is he in the hall of fame legend. So does it make sense. Gary is apoplectic. Shaking crying was not there are enough. We play the chiefs that connection. I don't know he was a great Usc trojan favor. All right to the scores are dawson and i are tied at five same. Brian tied at four. Oh good dawson keeps taking the under name any current. Nfl player who isn't in a national ad campaign questions questions. Like what's a sack. This kind of new ones like you'd have to. You'd have to get it actions. Let's he's pat patrick mahomes. He's an ad veith who's not who's not in the question. I mean patrick mahomes kelsey internet. Yep oh is he would know chelsea's in ads. I mainly see. Mayfield rogers orders. Lot lot of quarterbacks hold beasley who kelsey. yeah. I agree with that point. Name the person you know what. I mean any player players know what do you say i say yes i agree i gotta go. I gotta go off the board. Say now think you can stop the question at name any. Nfl say no would love to do this with brian with musicals allow foreshadowing at okay so now someone. I would know from a commercial.

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