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I think you're right cause I did watch it recently and it's a good movie, but I do think it does end with New Year's And the only other one I could think of. Was The Godfather. Part Two Godfather part two whether the New Year's Eve party when Michael tells Fredo I knew it was you Now does that make it a New year's themed movie? Or does it just happen to be a movie that has New Year's in it? So what's the difference? Well, one of them the holiday Christmas movies are really centered around the Christmas and Christmas time, but people say Die hards, a Christmas movie. It just happens to occur around Christmas wasn't isn't a movie that occurs around New Year's on New Year's Eve movie or New Year's Day movie, I guess so. But diehard takes place all during that same day, whereas if a movie like when Harry met Sally that takes place over the course of years instead of just the one instance in trading places and at least a similar time frame, I don't know exactly when the beginning and end of it is, but it's relatively quick during Christmas. Yeah, exactly. So there's the least confined area there. So I could see the argument then did you ever hear of that movie on New Year's Day? It was like massive romcom ensemble carriers Day. I think it's called New Year's Day. Jessica Alba. It's one of those movies where it's one of those giant. Everybody's in it. Like who I got to find it because Well, that while saying and doing the show prep, Yeah. Um, if you would like to tell us what a good new year's movie is 1 802 831 on 1.5. If there even is such a thing, Or maybe that's just a figment of my imagination and we'll move on 1 802 831 on 1.5 Michelle Pfeiffer's innit? Zac Effron is in it. Robertson Nero, is it? Wow, Halle Berry's innit Commons in it. Just good deals in it. Seth Meyers is in it. What year is this? This is from 2011. Don't remember New Year's Day of New Year's Eve. Excuse me is the actual name of it. New Year's Eve two years 5.7 on IMDb, So I don't know that's but that one's a little bit more on the nose, and at least that, one says and then Idol New Year's Eve in It all revolves around the course on New Year's Eve with several couples and singles in New York City, so that one is a very strict new year's theme to it. Yeah, it's in the title. Exactly where some of these just revolve around the day. I don't know you could do the argument of well like the die hard argument of it Takes place on Christmas isn't Christmas movie If it does have New year's in it. Think New Year's is different because New Year's is treated differently than Christmas. When Christmas is more of Ah, An event The New Year's Day. Christmas is a whole season. New Year's is New Year's You Can I was gonna say you can kind of two days you come New Year's Eve, which always bleeds into New Year's Day. So if it's about either one New Year's Eve or New Year's Day account of the New year's move, because that's the way you phrased it is a New year's movie. Okay, You got two different days to choose from. You get to toe work with at least so we're gonna take your phone calls coming up at 123 1 on 1.5. We know there are plenty of Christmas movies and Christmas specials. We learned a couple weeks ago that there are a ton of Thanksgiving movies, even though you might not think of Thanksgiving is a holiday. Has a lot of movies, but but apparently there are so we want to know about the holiday this week. We have New Year's Eve coming up in the New Year's day. So is there such a thing? Is there such an animal as a New year's movie at 1 802 831 on 1.5? It's to 18 years, New Jersey fester traffic.

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