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Earnings nurses listen fort pierre city councillors monday night also introduced the 2017 supplemental budget requests hopefully uses than obama i of the or here in balanced lives and the mainland andrew jackson given that service on the reason for that is being made in coking are let me ask sloth with me monies though with after residents also the internet vote the maximum comparison he and finance officer roxie and he's an says supplemental funds will be used with the tanks increment finance district and the core of engineers fund for electric improvements the ford per city council also approved a temporary liquor license request and second reading of ordinances that will change rates and deposit fees for city utilities the south dakota legislature should sponsor sessions on sexual and workplace harassment at the beginning of every session lieutenant governor and former my a legislator met michael says recent events indicate a need for those types of briefings uh we should have conversations about and seminar in on opening sensitivity to the fact that you'd have their sexual harassment there's harassment there's proof people space i think that the legislature is working at a briefing every year about various behaviors michael says when he was in the legislature there was guidance in place when i was speaker uh my staff i brought my staff in and i lay down the law and i'm not going to tell you exactly what i said but i'm just going to tell you that i just i said one everything here is confidential and uh you only get one bite at the apple secondly if there's any conduct that involves x ynz uh if it's just alleged you're gone michael says citizen should not judge legislators until they come to peer and see the process don't pass judgement it's you see how incredibly good these people are that are in the legislature that com they're not there for money there there for public service six thousand dollars a year doesn't get you are all very far but they're there to serve and then the individuals accumbens interns and staff and are parttime staff it is an amazing event in public service that i think that you will be proud of the individuals representing there have been allegations of rape and harassment from lobbyists and.

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