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Way. Because at the end of the day government has to function. We'll get my advice to him is easier executive authority congressman thank you so much for joining us. We really appreciate it. My pleasure. Thanks for having me. That was Republican. Congressman Tom McClintock next. Let's hear my colleague editor Polly Stryker speak with democratic congressman Adam Schiff, congressman, Adam Schiff. Thank you so much for joining us. It's great to be with you. It feels like we've gone into a long dark tunnel of government shutdown. And I just wonder are people even talking to each other sort of behind the scenes, or is it like kids who who have left the sandbox and are just not speaking people definitely talking to each other. And I think everyone Democrats and Republicans are unhappy and deeply worried about the impact of shutdown. I think everyone realizes what they will discuss it publicly or not on both sides of the aisle. It was a terrible mistake for the president to shut the government down to begin with. But he painted himself into a corner. Originally, the government was going to be kept open and and Coulter. Rush Limbaugh complained and said, the president was weak and that sent the president to into a tailspin. As a result. Here we are three or four days later governed still shut down and ultimately federal employees having to put bread on the table and pay the bills, and it's just intolerable. So where is the common ground? If you know if as the president says to the Democrats show me your plan where is some common ground. There's a lot of common ground on border security, if it'd be this was very about border security, it's not about border security. That's just the talking points. The president channel ward at tactic that says that whenever the president or small group in congress don't have the votes can't get their way that they can punish the country until they get it. And that's just no way to run the country. And in a guarantee you we will end on this that will just encourage he's kind of extortionist tactics. What if the president declares an emergency of some sort and says, okay, fine. I am going to dip into the thirteen billion. Plus. Fund that is for military building. What what then well, I'll tell you that will fail it'll fail in the courts. What the president ought to do is you got to reopen. The government. We have a debate about border security to reach a compromise with border security. We have been more than willing to do that. But if there are parts of that border security plan that don't have sufficient bipartisan support, then that's the way it goes. That's our government works. You don't simply get to bring down the whole house. If you don't get your leg. Okay. Congressman Adam Schiff..

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