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At into the internet side and we owned as she the tv anc at crtvcom and we were at one point the biggest player in the business than gutty rinker came along and those guys were brilliant marketers greg rancour and built gutty of course they do all of the beauty stuff so skin care and proactive and stephanie see more and cindy crawford and the difference between what they do and what i was doing when you sell an app cruncher and people don't necessarily use it they're not going to buy a second what in heine or they might but maybe not the same items not to say have with pro they put you on auto ship so greg rancour he had the continuity angle i was the gadget guy in in hindsight if i could do it all over again which i never argue about the path that i took because i'm happy where i ended up but continuity has built a fabulous business for the gut the rinker team they built billion dollar branch we had a fabulous run until know the most recent days here if you look at the last five years now there's been a shift in the marketplace espn has lost twelve million subscribers there's fifty plus million cord cutters out in the market that have cut the court from paytv and so there's fewer people watching tv and the millennials are barely watching tv in arizona younger i have a twenty year old it doesn't even watch any television so it's net flex its his ipad patasse's his phone and snapchat and all of our people on those i mean you can take a target those y'all so now what's happened is we've shifted here in the last five years to you know morbid digital company so we still do look at the set the industry has a place to go after we do the digital so we used to test on tv we now tested facebook or instagram or google youtube or something like that so says that used to cost you a couple of hundred grand might cost you a few thousand or maybe thirty grand goal thousand ten thousand may be.

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