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Night in Dorchester. Now, he faces a list of charges, including firearms possession armed assault to murder and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. A sixteen year old girl was hurt in that shooting. Police say she is still in the hospital in Louisiana. A man from Shreveport is now being held in the shooting death. His girlfriend one week ago. ABC's Jim Ryan says the victim was a police, officer and deficient. Still don't have a motive she had graduated from the police academy only two months ago, but she Terry Paine had already made an impression on tree port. Police chief Raymond we're still mourning the heinous murder of officer pain a week ago. Pain left her two year old with her boyfriend, trivial Anderson and was about to climb into her squad car outside her own home when she was killed now. Investigators believe that Anderson shot officer pain, and then to friends helped him to cover it up. We can have some peace and taking three evil cowards off of our streets. So they cannot harm anyone else. Jim Ryan ABC news. The president of Michigan State University. Now out the latest fallout connected to convicted sexual abuser. Dr Larry Nassar trustees at the school voting force John anglers immediate resignation. He submitted that yesterday, and he is expected to step down next week. An angler recently made some controversial comments about some of Nassar's victims saying some of them seem to be quote, enjoying the spotlight. Nassar was sentenced to one hundred seventy five years behind bars for thousands of sexual assaults. Many of them involving girls fifteen years old or younger. More than two billion cups of coffee are consumed each day around the world, so many of us depending on coffee to get going and keep us going. Can you imagine not being able to go get a Cup? We'll CBS has Larry Miller reports that could eventually become a real possibility. British scientists say sixty percent of wild coffee species are at risk of extinction due to deforestation disease and climate change Aaron Davis head of coffee research at the Royal Botanic. Gardens says wild varieties are necessary for commercially farmed crops, recross pollination and to help them counter pests, it's those well coffee species that have the traits that we need in order to breathe. The copies of the future. Davis warns that unless there's a reversal coffee will become less tasty and more expensive. Larry Miller.

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