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Yeah anyway sheikh russians what about these russians you talked about the in the olympics are in general general just in general and the olympics and why is it ever where they go there causing trouble i got eleven indictments uh by the fbi against meddling in the election meddling that meddling not not a gold medal twitter meddling fussing or meddling voter muddle and now they're they're starting fights with our hockey team oh yeah and they're you know they're play they're just everybody's out of control over there i think what's going on as they got a lot of anger and they were very upset and they're called and ecole on on yeah they want bread yeah i think i don't now i don't know what's going on but i think there's a lot of builtup frustration and anger over there okay they're they're looking for a scapegoat pictures when you're when you're mad when you're the most mad it's usually at yourself you go round up taking it out on other i think it's so russia russia's low metal i'm not georgy you don't have to say that i it's so they have to compete under the olympic flag have you noticed set like as macos the russians spread for dirty play for for doping in their old team was doped out of their minds yeah yeah you you can can still get to compete while i guess i guess the guys and gals the past right get to compete rials the abbott then are one of the curling team members was busted for doping is well hurling curling.

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