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The launch of Agra Zen Labs, which is now a certified analytical hemp testing laboratory through the U. S. Department of Agriculture's Domestic Hemp production program. The lab also recently earned a schedule one cannabis testing certification from the Drug enforcement Agency. The state of Indiana has licensed 280 growers who farm more than 8900 acres of hemp and a required to have their hemp crops tested by lapse of which magazine is now among 50 qualified to do so in the country. I'm Alex Brown for 93. W I b c 93 wnbc wnbc HD one Indianapolis We now join Fox News in progress yet again, like our systems fail to protect black men. My commitment's understanding that anguish, no accomplishing truly lasting reforms is unwavering. The incident was caught on video. Police say Wallace had a knife and would not drop it after he had been instructed to do so. 120 years in prison. The sentence for Keith Ranieri, the founder of the group, Nexium, which prosecutors say is called a cult, they say women were branded with his initials kept on starvation, dies and treated as sex slaves. Prosecutors had asked for life in prison. What areas lawyer said he wasn't sorry for his conduct or his choices. Wall Street The Dow lost to 20 to America is listening to Fox News. Www. Mobile news on the level on the Go last chance to hear the candidates.

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