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I would argue doesn't get the credit. Maybe that he deserves on this patriot. Okay. He's important. Okay. You also have Sony Michelle in the run game. You also have a lot of players that'll be important, but I'll put them right about their little more than half. Because the extension of the running game is James white. Like, I showed earlier the pass. Is to the flat the screen game over the middle. Then they just when he's in the backfield. They think okay, let's worry about the past. And they'll give it to them in the run game. This is a player that's very valuable to the New England Patriots the linebackers. I think I have to stop Sony Michelle and that run game. But James white shovel passes passes to the flat how they attacked those other areas. It's an extension of run game. It's very important speaking flat and five yards here in four yards air before you know, it he has made your after noon long and hard Julian Ataman. I think you know, I'm going to kinda like teddy Ginn possessing the ball, you know, third downs going to be a critical situation in this game. Julian Edmonds elements their God, I third down last week those he went I'm gonna go about three quarters of the way up there and really his. Reason his real important is going to be on third down. First and second down to say is not important, but the kids City Chiefs, Bob Seddon, better be aware of where joined element is especially on third down being able to move those chains and possess the ball and keep that Patrick Mahomes offense off the field. So again, pretty hot, but not not super hot officially topic. But I just can't play. I can't do our little exercise here with about hatrick homes for crying out loud. I mean, you still look this is a rematch, and I get the patriots figured it out to a degree in Foxborough teddy. But I mean, he is just I mean, he hasn't stopped since I know in patch Mahomes, you have to have a specific plan. You've seen teams like the cardinals late in the season and the New England Patriots. When they see them sacrifice pass rush sacrifice Pash, west pass route disruption mouthful. Taking your taking rushers away to hit a Kelsey or the cheetah before they rush on a Patrick Mahomes because I think what you want to do is keep him in the pocket because what they feed off an Arrowhead is him. Scrambling out. No look passes the bombs down the field for fifty sixty yards vast. What you want to prevent you. Don't wanna give him a lot of time. I thought in the first matchup. They did an outstanding job of spying them cutting loose three guys on the pass rush. And then using a linebacker guy fast enough to catch him to just mere in spy him to make sure he doesn't buy too much time Vanoy got some pressures in the first matchup high talent tower pressures in the mash up there was a four man. Look where trae flowers was here, and he got up just a hit Travis Kelsey before he went on his rush. So they are aware of the homes athletic ability at this point three. They he's put us all on notice. You know, listen, Tom Brady's been there done that wouldn't take anything away from him..

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