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Hello it's Katy here. I hope you're having a great week. What an amazing thing I am looking at this episode is number sixty seven. I can't believe it's already So many weeks have gone by that. I I started this podcast. It's a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy listening to it. If you do see me an email I love to hear from you. I have so many people on my My private facebook page. And if if you buy my Twenty Twenty Year of the rat funkaway forecasts success. Pack if there's a gold level membership and it comes with a membership to a private facebook page where we can interact and talk with one another and I can answer your funkaway questions and we have a lot of fun. It's really great. 'cause I'd like to hear comments about the PODCASTS. A lot of fun and we have a great group Really supported loving lots of fun and we share a lot of funkaway two bids and and secrets and tips. And and just be there for each other support one another and We just have agreed. Functionally time Today I introduced a new Thursday activity which is throw out Thursday which means every Thursday. I'm challenging my Facebook group participants to Throw something out today. I threw out a sack. Full of new clues actually throw them out. I'm sitting them into threat up. They give you a free bag and you can mail it in. And they'll take your clothes and put them online and sell them for you and give you a little cash. I mean how can you not love that? It's a great deal. I have new clothes that would have been sitting in my closet. I never wore and I wasn't going to wear so This is one of those ways that you can help. Energy to move in your in your life is by Paring DOWN SO. We were doing that today. In the group it was fun. I saw people putting posts up for everything from old mattress toppers at Gotten Kinda cruddy That was Mona. She was Putting her mattress topper in there and I thought that was absolutely awesome. One woman. Tina mentioned how she threw away a two jars had to pickles each and and she doesn't wasn't GonNa have those Itty biddies in there and that's what I call those. That kind of energy is just like that shampoo bottle that you almost ignore in the shower. It's just like a little like a tablespoon left I Shan't shampoo and it but you don't use it but you don't throw the ball out either. You know what I mean. This is a perfect activity for throw away or throw out Thursday. Instead of throwback Thursday we have throwdown Thursdays. Another one of the group members Helena. was showing some decorative items that she was throwing out of her beautiful home and someone is going to be really happy with those donations and see. That's the point. Isn't it with Something like daylight that where you just take things and pitch them Whether you donate them or just they go in the trash Whatever it is you. Recycle them it's a great way to clear energy of what you don't want in your life to open up energy for what you do so with that. Let's start talking about your front pathway of wealth. Now there's a lot of emphasis and thought an energy about the front door and functionally. It's a really important in the is a key area of your home in functionally the size. The direction the color and the condition of the door all influence the occupants of the House and were the business and how successful or unsuccessful they are. But what delivers you to that front door? It's your home sidewalk or garden path when that pathway is missing or afflicted so is the quality and type of energy from your home. So that's why you want your door to be auspicious looking. You want your pathway or your sidewalk up to your front door to be auspicious looking. The pathway is another way of looking at water because water brings opportunities and income to us in funkaway. This is the type of energy that flowing energy right. Because we want money to be flowing like water right and roads and pathways in front of our home are considered water pathways so when water is running smoothly and easily this promotes the wealth and the health of the home and it's occupants and this is what makes curb appeal such an important part of building your home's functions way and also the quality of life that you lead so the appearance of your front door and front walkway instantly set a tone for the kind of energy that you haven't house and the type and quality of opportunities and income you experience it's what makes the type of walkway you have coming from the front of the House. Such an important part of creating the kind of functions way that creates a kind of life. You enjoy the most so. Let's talk about the sidewalk and pathway points and ways to improve them and improve your home. She and your wealth the first when we WANNA talk about is called the poison Arrow path. Now this is one of the most common problems with your with front sidewalk. The sidewalk is usually at the street in Will Run straight to the front door. This type of sidewalk can cause rushing chee and is often described as a poison arrow. That's because it looks straight as an Arrow right. I know you've seen those houses that have you park on the curb and you can see the sidewalk. Goes straight to the door Now when it's looked at as a waterway this is the type of Pat. That's akin to a fire hose. In other words it delivered so much water as so quickly it can be destructive. And if you've ever done any kind of Water pressure Worked with the water pressure hose. And you're cleaning sidewalks. If you get anything on on painted it'll just take the paint right off rushing. Water can create rushing energy and a poison. Arrow path delivers that energy too quickly. And that can cause problems with the sector. It's associated with in addition to creating like hostility. That's aimed at the at you if this is your kind of house so you might find that you're under under fire. People are coming at you or something or there's problems That you have to face frequently. This is compounded further. If you can see from the front door out the back door this really can cause serious accidents. Serious health and financial difficulties even bankruptcy even broken bones and serious accidents Now this is actually something to happen. with my husband we were renting a house that had a sidewalk. That was straight and then you open the front door and it you can see straight out the house and this was a vacation rental in Hawaii and I bet it wasn't about twenty eight hours after we got in there. He was on the beach and ended up breaking his leg shattered his leg. As a matter of fact and this was in the sector of the East. The front door was in the east. Which is the sector of the foot and leg anyhow? He lost his footing on in a SAM pocket and he ended up shattering his leg. So it was a really. This is a very Drastic example but it is something that can happen so if If you have a south facing house and you've got one of those poison. Arrow pass This could create. I damage can create heart attacks. Things like that so You really really want to Take those That straight rushing energy kind of seriously. So let's talk about how you correct that right so we wanna do things to soften that sidewalk and like plantings You can create You can take out the Center. Section of the sidewalk at a circular area or make create circular beds. You could create a little sidewalk. That goes out on a circle like on a path and then put like an earn a pot of flowers or something in the center. You'll you can come up with some ideas that will look a attractive in that will will At your curb appeal. We don't want to put something in there. That looks goofy because then that would take away. Curb appeal but you can run planting beds alongside. Oh and maybe some stones or something but what I would do is try to break up that straight shot and by making some kind of Sidewalk that that is in the middle that interrupts that maybe the Abed Planting bed or something like that would be helpful that you have to go around. Maybe you have a water fountain there. Let's talk about the starving house. Now this is a house at starred for money and income now many times. This is something that we see with pathways or sidewalks In that or homes. That are older that they maybe have a partial.

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