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And palaces that are in but at the same time this complete lack of calf for both plots and historical accuracy this is one of those this is one of those really good cases to read that maybe we compete your section i n betwee a section maybe there's a blog out there about how many things willfully ignores gets wrong characters who don't show up until maybe twenty years later turn up now who are played by richard afterburners film but we're actually aged thirty five or forty time that the film is sats it's so interesting to see play so fast and loose with history in the service of what really is it's it's a woman finding her power it's also godfather tale of innocence being corrupted chicago i think says in the audio commentary that the whole final sequence of the film wes she is consolidating her power by enacting this trial of treason tooled some characters and that being that the being beheaded that being detained whilst she is reading some religious texts and then is shown resplendent when she cut her afterwards it's very similar to the end of the godfather web michael kogo yonis becoming the godfather rejecting the emotional weaknesses of his passed yeah i think if anything good book very readily admits to the very lot of inaccuracies and that he's led very much with the human site his interpretation of what elizabeth represented because he just boats through historic landmarks moola swedes really does just charged through them and there's kind of marriage proposals in religious comfort in in the traitors and he just you know it takes tech's most most is more focused on there's than an her kind of personal development it was quite shocking the watching some aspects of it when david attenborough character thank you this like when richard added characteristics to have her sheets brought to him every morning to he can keep an eye on her bodily functions and is very clear to say the body i don't go bodies body of the state now and to see something like that which is so you know glorified and things like the handmaid's tale to see that that was actually a part of her life was really quite shocking and the kind of political use of her virginity or using quote marks here virginity and how she used that she to advantage to this engage with any remaining ties and dedicate herself fully to the country was really fascinating i think it's it's very interested in presenting this time where a monarch in order to consolidate her power become the monitoring beach you had to present herself as god she couldn't be human chances denial those traits and that was where the the church of england comes into its own and does the film shows really i think good point too maybe and on his tweet from mark anthony ailing he says it's a fine film on reflection and cape line is absolutely brilliant in its she's going on small challenging roles since but this is a heck of a starting point i can agree with that i could imagine i i mean i didn't go definite i came out to what for first time as it was released by can imagine people being very excited by england in a row of this sort of grandkids so eddie in here under backed her oscar nominations after nominations announced the world stage this film was known for a lot of oscars audio where shakespeare in love was also known as for who else goes and so you had queen elizabeth as played by cate blanchett in best actress and queen elizabeth played by judi dench in supporting actress one of the only times where two different actors playing the same character nominates in the same year maybe it's something we'll never see again but it's such an interesting point in british film history as well because it's the british film that is when polygram was a big uk studio so i'm working title with finding their feet is the same year as notting hill k mount its year afterward and title and polygram made fargo trainspotting these films coming out it's such a different industry that doesn't exist anymore these big glitzy wellappointed star packed period dramas costume dramas don't really happen on the scale anymore they have it on television it's interesting to see maybe this point this is the junction point where it goes to tv this.

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