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Kevin. How are you? Didn't talk to you. There are things percolating where I live in Cincinnati. But also, Chicago, California, I'm sure Saint Louis New York. It's the same thing. Here's the constant theme in appears that Democrats white black Hispanic and otherwise need to make sure that the core of their voting population stays with them. No matter what no matter what happens them, and how bad the policies are for black families and black businesses in black communities. They want Democrats have got to make sure that the most loyal voting block still votes. Ninety ninety five percent for them here in little Cincinnati, Ohio. We have a African American council member name Tamayo Denard, and she started or writing about the burning of Notre Dame cathedral. Of course in Paris, France. And she made a she issued. A tweeden said the burning the arson of Notre Dom is an example of white privilege. I'm kind of reading this wait a minute. This has got to be a gymnastic argument of great proportions. She says that there was no coverage in the mainstream media of the burning three of black Joey. And she said all of a sudden people are talking about quote, a white church burning and Paris and ignoring the three black churches, despite the fact when you Google search three black churches every newspaper from USA today. New York Times every cable, then be see they all covered it to great extent. Then about about a week ago in the white guy was arrested is the deputy sheriff son for setting the fires the deputy sheriff help turn them in. That was the end of big story. So can you understand the mentality? Whether it's Kim FOX Chicago black politicians in LA, the Blasi L, liberals, progressives New York or in Cincinnati, the race card is played on the black population because it works. Why does it work? Well, it works Bill because nobody ever pushes back. I mean, it's rare that anybody puts his back on race anytime, you know, black squeak in and quite frankly, it's not always black. It's white leftist. That will do the squeaking force because they we. A lazy? We don't even have to. We don't even have to complain our selves white people. Do it the way Lepas. We'll do it force. Look at the end of the day for this lady to not understand the tragedy of Notre Dame burning and then want to acquaint, it's three bucks and the share of turning in his own son who burn churches is. But that there's I could go on so many levels. Why there's so many different things all tragedies for sure, but one is a worldwide icon, not only an icon to Christianity. It's an icon to western civilization. And the fact that this church burned, by the way Catholics last time. I checked or not monolithically white. No French people last time I checked but not monolithically white. I've lived in France, I been there last two years. Lots of black fringe people that I know quite a few of them. So this is something that's, you know, a white privilege that church burned and everybody makes a big deal about it is so. So amazing. But it goes to show you the level to which people are willing to stoop in order, the bring the attention back to their little whiny self, and my my sadness, these three black churches. Burn in Louisiana. I am. That the same now in asking the question. Why does this occur it occurs because nobody pushes back on black, folks? I mean, my I would push back and say, you know, I mean, I don't wanna go comparing eight hundred year old church, whatever got burned in Louisiana. But if I have to go there, I'd be willing to go there. We allow these things happen we allow people like Ken thought to this particular lady to to look at things prism of Steph. No, Centric racism, and nobody says a word nobody's supposed to say anything. And that's why when when you have prosecutors and people like this woman, you just mentioning Cincinnati saying these things, you know, people are frayed to push back on it. But they have been trained to look at everything through the prism of blackness. And without any reasoning. I mean, again, I go back to eight hundred fifty euro icon that survived World War Two and many many other atrocities. And it gets miraculously burned down which I think is is a little bit suspicious. And suddenly, you know, we've got to start comparing it to our own little minor problems. I I don't understand it. Kevin is also thirteen fourteen million tourists who go into Notre down cathedral every year. It is an icon. Not just Paris, France. But of Europe of the world, it's probably the second most famous church in the world after the Vatican and hair that burn I'm suspicious about wide happened. They're claiming it was an electrical fire whatever and that's going to take weeks to determine. But the fact is Kim FOX Chicago has her top assistants now resigning think Wednesday or Thursday couple. They said they can't take incompetence anymore. And obviously lied about recusing herself. From the smell at case when she did not recuse herself. But then I'm watching Thursday morning or Wednesday morning. I'm watching Jesse Jackson standing over her. Left shoulder providing cover no matter how stupid she is. No matter how incompetent she is. She can play the race card which you did in his speech about a week ago. Saying the forces outside of our community are trying to get rid of me the book. But here Bill, here's what's happening with the with the Kim FOX of the world, they are. So she gets into her office and an by the way, I'd love to all of her cases because she's proving that she will. She will look at things like race and making a decision on whether or not to let somebody go, and here's what the question I've asked people on my show. I think Cam FOX would have let Akali cock and go if the two black guys out Democrats, whatever him, and it was a lie. No. She went to say, oh he deserved. You know, he's had some heroin whatever he would be imprisoned guessing Sma let with they casing in Hawaii. I saw pictures of this guy laughing, and he's laughing in the face of this all because this woman doesn't look at jurisprudence the way normal people would she looks at it through the prism of blackness. Well, what he did in the scheme of things that she actually compared it to our Kelly and the I did he's been accused of weight. I mean is so patently ridiculous. I don't know how she gets away with it as far as people leaving. Yeah. Mark people. You know, this woman shows incompetent. She's like the woman in of where was it? What were they gave the money to the kid? I think it was up in your area. What it was in Baltimore. To prosecute the six cops. Yeah. Nothing to do with this guy dying, Freddie, gray, dying the scenes up spending six point eight million dollars for death. And she and she's trying to to indict six police officers who gave him a ride to the jail with. That's the type of things that we got to these. These are our social Justice warrior prosecutors and people that are involved in our criminal Justice system that have flipped it to the point where if I were white person being accused of something minor be very suspect about my Senate. And it reminds me of the days of Jim crow where blacks were getting harsher senators, and there many people in the Justice system, they wanna see whites get paid back for blacks and penalize white. That's not what the systems about supposed to be blind in, you know, in fair, and it's not well, I look at the one political party in charge of Chicago Cincinnati Saint Louis. Los angeles. Austin Tampa Baltimore New York Boston. Whatever city a point out the Democratic Party has ninety percent or more of the individuals in charge of city government. And so of Kim FOX Chicago complains about the place department being racist or says, they are trying to get rid of me. Who is she referring to when only the Democratic Party controls everything? Right. But what's funny about it? As watching them eat on each other's carcasses. So you've got Kemp box complaining you've got Kogyo PD who's demanding that she leave and rightfully so. Because you know, and then you've got Rahm Emanuel who doesn't know which side he's on with the cops one day, and he's trying to provide some cover claim Trump. But for this whole thing in the next Senate, it's really fun to watch. But what the good news is leftist or seeing how crazy things can get. I mean, look at the release of the mullahs report and suddenly Adam Schiff saying things like. Well, even if he is innocent he's on patriotic Adam and March comment you had. The president has done something wrong. Where's that? Where's the evidence for Manafort? Where's the evidence from Flynn? Where's the evidence today gave money to stormy Daniels? Everybody that is accused the president of doing something wrong. Lies in a wasteland pecking out there is eating carcasses. And I I love it. I love watching it shows you. Which they're willing to sink all of the community real redevelopment funds from HUD from other federal agencies flow through city government to be dispersed. And so if you're an African American living in a major American city, and you have democratic Democrats controlling everything in your city for not just a half a century and the city Chicago ninety years, and so if there's racism and see PD, Chicago, which I don't think there is. But nonetheless, if there is and if the end of the devil ACP says, we're not making proper investments in the black community who in the hell is responsible for that. It's the Democratic Party, which was the party, the Ku Klux Klan, the party of Jim crow. The party of lynchings the party the now controls every urban school district in America. They're all Democrats have black kids are not being educated properly which parties in control of that. The. We'd have to go back that far you can look at the party of killing babies. Mostly black babies. Three hundred percent killed. More. So than the national average, you can look at the school system to the system in college university allow for segregation black only dorms black only buildings exist at colleges and universities across the way. Now, they will say this. They say things like well, Kevin the black kids ask for their own graduation of black kids ask for their own dorm. Really when my kid asks for sugar in the morning for breakfast. And I don't give it to them. You want them to be segregated eighty attic? Go to Harvard, so they can graduate with the graduating class not graduate with All Blacks. So, you know, we gotta spin this around on them and the stop letting him get away with these Jim crow arcane laws arcane ideas that that hearkens back to the time when black swan plantations, you don't have to go back that far you can look at you wanna talk about white privilege. Jesse smollet is that white privilege, white privilege. Involve you wanna talk about white toxic masculinity. And all these other things I can get you things right now that that completely funk any of the theories of these leftists. So we can't let them get away with the university of Illinois has a black dorm. And when a press release came out nationally, the head of the grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, who's headquartered in Alabama said I agree completely with the university of Illinois. So when you say flipping on them when you have black separate housing facilities, dining facilities graduation..

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