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Let me give you the background i've spent a lot of time i moved into a nice new apartment the cheapest on the block whatever and they're wired for centurylink and direct tv so if i want internet service i have to call centurylink if i want direct tv i've got a call centurylink and order through the system called multiple dwelling unit with that means is the apartment building has a satellite dish and a special area where they have a junction box and each tenant gets their direct tv and the process of ordering this is absolutely horrendous night i don't want to get our guest mixed up in my problems with centurylink because the real problem is directtv directtv since acquired by at and t their customer service is worse than ever very difficult to deal with a conversation that should say three minutes to resolve with direct tv it's thirty three minutes growl over three or four calls so it's therefore sixty six one hundred thirty two minutes you get the point really really bad now they want to buy time warner and i get into the politics because they have a department of justice objection to that and it's not the politics it's the fact that no one ever brings up the real issue which is why has your customer service to rated since you've had these mergers and that's a big thing about mergers and acquisitions do you have anything to share or would you rather avoid this i'll probably stay away from that you should stay away from that chris okay now we've had ethical hackers on the technology allied before what constitute an ethical hacker i guess in a nutshell it's somebody who is hired by companies to test their systems and applications to help them find vulnerabilities that might be exploited by real world attackers i can expand on that a little more feel free.

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