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I'm telling you. Would I have done? Yes. So he like once again, he's like tied up to a post like John Smith style, polka HAMAs and. I mean, he's blonde to it just came to mind. Syrian once again tries to convince him like you're the only person that can get through to Thursday, you need to talk to her tell her to back down. And then James like that's not gonna happen. Like, I never he's just do what you can like if anything for your child. So, you know, Jamie agrees. And if all outs fails, what the least he could do as if the bell ring the bells, so they kind of give their little fair while and they have a nice little moment like are almost here up a little bit. Because I don't think I've ever heard like Jamie or cheering weep together in Jamie's urge Tyrian tells them. You're the only one that didn't treat me like a monster. You were all I had. And that was just like oh. I think. Tender moment. I'm glad that they have because I mean that essentially be their last moment together. So they had that really touching scene between the two of them 'cause Tyrian, Jamie. They've been through a lot and Tyrian and Jamie's relationship is siblings. That's the one I think remarkable in. I don't know just kind of hopeful thing about the Lancaster families is that relationship. So they had their moment. You know that love for each other at EMI. That's the last time though, see each other. So it was good that they at least got to figure by. So we we go to the siege. So the siege began source as forces get ready to the golden company at the gates. We have the Lancaster army inside. And then there's the iron fleet in on in blackwater bay the hound aria and Jamie make their way into the red keep so the hound and Arya on a mission to kill, sir. Say in Jamie's on a mission to save sir say, so let's see if that works out. About the iron fleet. Where's yara? I guess the ours stayed back yard to Mark thing. She said, you know, what I'm just calling hold these iron islands from a homegirl. I'm going to say. Yarra was like this is not my problem. Ars there. But you're on sure is and he's out daily. Unfortunately. So he's out there. He's prep in the scorpions because you know, he's already killed a dragon. He can do it again. But this time our girl, Danny is prepared. So she's whoops in from the skies. And before they can even get a shot off. She's burning them all like, she's burned the entire iron fleet, and she's very strategic this time around because this time she's prepared. She's not ambush. So she actually she usually takes out all the scorpions. So good luck. Take it out Dural on it's not happening and you're on like blast office ship. So we'll even know his fate at this point. We just know his arm fleet is gone, then she like goes through the gate. She gets all the scorpions on top of the walls. She burst through the gates of king's landing and dragon fire and then takes out the golden company. And then that's when my basically all hell breaks loose. So like the unsullied received off rocky screamers co. I guess the leader of the go-to companies trying to run away, but grey worm gets them like genius mobile way. Getting some action. Just loves him. That as a. Still alive? Harmless kicking in there. You're staying alive. Stay anyways. So. I love how I say was watching from the red keep all Mark like she got it together. And then we see her face start to change like, oh crab. This is working like hot thought it would so keyboard in the mountain arrive, and they pretty much try to convince her they're like, you know, this is not safe anymore. It's time to go. So she's like, oh just need one more shot. That's all we need, you know. And so like, yeah. The scorpions they're all been destroyed. And then she's like, okay. Well, the iron flea has blackwater bay and you're on RT took out of drag that he can take out another one and Khyber once again burst her bubble. And he's like, yeah..

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