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You think you said I. Doc. Down. Back in. Hip. Feeding the casper sleep shop at Delano passion center is now open. They have cozy private trial room. So you could stop by for a test nap on an award winning casper matches without everyone watching drop by today and be sure to ask the sleep specialists about an exclusive offer. Skis. He's. If you think you've seen all the summer blockbusters at dealers already, thank a game announcing keys summer blockbuster sales event, the twenty twenty models premiering et, qui showrooms across LA and to make room all twenty nineteen. Most go hundreds of news cars trucks, in as you these are posted to keys cars dot com with limited time offer spent includes lowers Dillard's and manager specials. Plus the all new models from Allie. Lexus Mercedes Benz, you at GMC Cadillac Chevy Toyota, Honda Hyundai and keys Porsche in Woodland Hills ginger. But before these new twenty twenty models arrive the twenty nineteen we'll go with payments as low as one forty nine a month. Jackie's cars dot com for daily specials posted while supplies last. So the nearest exit tease, just north of a one where it's fun to buy a car keys keys, keys. Select models on approved credit this portion apparent music is watch my raging waters live for summer. I raging waters. Los Angeles, California's largest waterpark now. Save up to eight dollars on tickets with coupons from participating so cow Carl's junior locations. Check out the new mobile essentials. Get unlimited data for just thirty bucks. A line for four lines with auto pay. Come see Felli today from four to six PM. The t mobile store Glendale at one thirty four north brand boulevard and checkout t mobile essentials drink addition, 'cause notice lower than other customers, and further reduction of fifty gigs per month, but he eighty people's sexiest female covers of Americans with LT. See store for details. Jacoby Mayes dot com is where you need to go. If you've been hurting, the accident, call eight hundred nine nine to, to, to, to up teddy more from the canny mornings inviting all basketball fanatics. This Sunday to the second annual WSF's summer slam festive vent. Join me and brianna for mid data power one. Oh, six and come enjoy a fun filled day of basketball titties, and meet LA clippers superstar Lou Williams. Also, the must see amazing exhibition with Michael Purdy, Quami Alexander and young Hollywood. Every style basketball with. Secret at the WS on PICO and western in downtown LA, there will be food, a photo booth giveaways, and.

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