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I think all of that's going to um, yeah, yeah, at this point. It didn't really matter that she was going to join the select committee. She's so far, far out on a limb that that she's really a target from any trump supporters. Any conservative base that the Republicans have in Wyoming is one of the redder states out there, so I feel like she probably felt like she had nothing to lose and And she clearly feels very strongly about this. You know, she's from a political dynasty. Um Their traditions, their that she's trying to uphold. And she thinks that the what happened on January six is a real travesty, a real threat to democracy. And, um, she thinks anybody defending Trump and in the aftermath is violating that oath, and she doesn't want to be among them, even if that makes her a pariah within the party. So, um, what is going to be fascinating is and this is a dynamic re really haven't ever seen up here. Not in my experience anyway. Is, you know, you can imagine some, You know some conservative Trump supporters on the select committee and everybody is going to be watching. It's going to be on TV. And if you know Benny Thompson is going at going at it with Jim Jordan or something like that. That's kind of dog bites Man type of story. You expect Democrats and Republicans to go after each other. But in this case if you've got somebody like Jim Jordan going after Liz Cheney that makes it a totally different dynamic there. And, of course, this place to Pelosi's advantage to the Democrats advantage because The select committee is already bipartisan. Even if McCarthy doesn't appoint anybody at all so and and it's a one sided bipartisan sentiment. Their position, of course, is Trump was at fault on January 6th, and there should be some kind of some kind of repercussion and some some kind of recommendation for how to prevent.

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