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So let's get right into it. The first exercise is drum. Roll mountain climbers. Yeah baby this one's oldie but a good you know if you've never done mountain climbers you don't know what you're missing so you start off in a plane position shoulder stacked over hands your ads tight but down a once you're set you're in that position ready to go. Bring your knees toward your chess. One at a time and then back to the starting position back to that plank position you wanna get a nice controlled movement you know one leg tie from the starting plank position to the ending knee in your chest position you know. Think of it as a plank march if you will you know that's the motion. It's kind of like a marching motion you know. Obviously you're in that plane but the legs are going to be kind of like a marching motion. But of course you'll want to take it up a not so don't slack too much. You wanna take that speed up so you actually get a good burn. And i found that a good rhythm for this is somewhere in the two knees per second realm like somewhere in that vicinity. If you will you know so so as count one. Mississippi two mississippi each mississippi. You'll want to knees left. Then right boom you know. Easy peasy as gives you all the workout at almost zero impact. The second exercise in the core shredding routine is the alternating leg lower with a hip lift. So heck is all about. This is one of the compound type of moves where you're working multiple muscle groups at once it also test your coordination really you know so here. In this exercise you start by laying down on your back easy right then hot both legs straight up in the air and alternate bringing one leg down towards the ground at a time and when you bring that lower leg back up. Lift your hips when you reach the top pretty simple. Actually if you need a little extra lower back support and place your hands and a little lake. Diamond shape under your. But that's what i do actually gives me a little more support. And and i personally found that i can leverage that support and get really tight. Isolated moves to really work the muscles in that area. You know super simple exercise but super duper results for

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