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And you start bringing up in like, for instance, prescription drugs have these, you know, prescription companies out there that they're spending billions of dollars pouring money down a hole in research and development to develop great drugs. And what happens when you go to Medicare for all? And you say, look, we're cap, and you you guys aren't going to get paid anything for this. Are they going to still go out and research these drugs? I I don't know, you know, they're going to have to get some kind of return for their investors. I mean, that's that's kind of a problem with Medicare for all, man. Thank you very much Jamal Simmons. There's a lifelong democrat in Des Moines. There's Matt saying, you know, none of these Democrats are really giving me the truth. This is a two-dimensional pitch. I want all of it too. Is the challenge right? One of the things when President Obama pushed Obama. There is they never quite identified who was going to pay the cost the argument was you can have your health care if you want it, and it's going to save money over time. It was sort of an argument like we could eat chocolate every day and not get fat and not work out. Right. Like at some point. There's some you got to pay the Bill. So I think what the caller saying, which is right is the Democrats do have to kind of deal with the cost side of the question. And I think people are putting on the table again, these tax plans that could help alleviate the cost, but let me make one argument that I hope that people who are a little more conservative with buy into the average American today will change jobs twelve times their lifetime people at their job five years or less. We have got to create a system of care in the country or a social safety net. That allows the Beth people to choose the jobs, not Kapatid's. They want move in and out of these jobs without losing all their benefits every time they make one of these choices as companies compete around the world, and they're let tenor to their communities and let the country the. Countries are going to have to fill in the gaps of. I'm a business owner actually should want something like a public option or Medicare for all. Because it means that I don't then have to administer health care for my employee's, which oughta make my company more competitive. I don't understand why corporations more.

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