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Role to play in life. You know, things are that kind of data, so we'll take we have already taken you. Your goals. It's on the Discord. It's all admissible as evidence. It's all admissible as evidence in the Daniel Ricciardo royal commission inquest, and that's on this episode of box of neutrals. Oh, you want to listen to box of neutrals? Well, how about you fill out this form? Mila one. Ah. The royal commission is now in session. And we think we can say it. No, this is just talk back. Sorry. Hey, we haven't done the part of it, 'cause I have a committed to that yet. This is just about halfway through the partner. This is just good old fashioned just opinion and take. Now is the time for the king to take his rightful place thrown in the Hall of Fame. Sit on his king of throne. I'm KB. That's my type. Things like that. Yeah, one of the great immortal pieces of radio doesn't get enough recognition. I'll tell you why, this was a lot of fun to find. A fan tiny delroy quiz from the IBC. One of the great, one of the great Romans of radio. One of the joys of my life listening to Tony Taylor, right? And people who didn't know the answers to the queen. Just look it up, guys. You can cheat. It's fine. All right, we've had a lot of evidence in let's go back to the beginning last week, of course. Not even last week for the last 18 months, Dani Ricardo has been struggling. Struggling a fair bit. Big time, I think. And it's been uncomfortable to watch as it is. I mean oh yeah, big time. The last couple of weeks in particular have been painful. It's come to a head as well. Because everyone is now going on, I think it was in the back of your mind and you just pretended to ignore us and hope for the best, then that eventually would just go away. But once someone starts writing sabbaticals, once mark used a motor magazine, so that's putting things together. That was a tipping point. I want to say that was a tipping point. Because up until then, you could dismiss it. He was world famous for his pointers. He had a little bit of text here on the graphic. I don't know why. They needed to be a thing, but anyway, his point is on Sky Sports F one. I haven't forgot it. Don't you worry about that. Yeah, I think everyone is there talking about it and what happens from here because there is something just not right. And we've seen and I don't think we've ever seen, I don't know, more universal pain for someone to misfortune as Daniel Ricciardo. We've seen people like Fernando Alonso, for example, go through, you know, after he's two world championships, an absolute mayor of a runner form. Sometimes he's felt sometimes not his own. But I think universally apart from Jacques Villeneuve's thought. There's a lot of sympathy for all Danny Riccardo. Yes. In this current, I guess. That he's in. It's true, isn't it? Because everyone's uncomfortable about it. Everyone is uncomfortable about seeing Daniel Ricciardo's suddenly not competitive because it has been sudden because to go back to his last year at Reynolds. Of course, coming off the back of his successful stint at Red Bull Racing. He was exceeding one of the fabrics, great competitors, one of the fastest guys on the grid. Lo and behold, he gets to McLaren, cars not great at McLaren. I lost you was just about a race winner, but I wanted to die at best. And this year, okay, it's got a one podium with Landon RS, but it's very much a midfield car. It's not where McLaren expected it to be. It's also very much a Norris car, quite frankly. I raised the point last week, missed this fake app. Sorry, not parliament. I raised the point last week, finally. Bate, that just called me Neil. Given bill that Bruce hill was the funniest one. That it's very much Lando's team. And it was always going to and that was the thing that I found interesting that Daniel would move because I read the leaves early that this is very much Lando's a junior pass. He's very good, and he's and certainly by the time Daniel saddened he was really what E three? F one joining now is four years in, nearly half a decade in Formula One time. And stacks up very quickly. This is very much. That was very much because let's not forget Ricardo was very much the same as well. All of a sudden he started and he stocks rose. Exponentially. But yeah, but then again, he was at radar. He was in great in a great position as the undisputed team later, but was maybe a little bit nervous about the team's actual potential. I think he was maybe spooked by how different the car was, especially especially leaving the great nursery of Adrian newey, who will give you everything that you ever want in terms of the car breaking. A little bit in both ways sometimes. Yeah, it depends on how he spelled break, but certainly it both depends on the year. Yeah. It was certainly confidence inducing for Daniel, but it wasn't the case at Renault, but sort of in that 2021 in 2020. He was starting to become good. And we remarked on that and it was just like, maybe he's jumped the shark a little bit too early. And yes, I'll pay is not the race would tame that Cyril a bit of soul, Daniel, but. You think with that lack of interruption in terms of the driver lineup and just everyone just gelling and this tame, because I've said this before, don't dispute that I discount the fact that the human element often can go a long way in developing the car. And a tame. So their trajectory could be even higher than where they currently sit at the moment as well. But then again, in a parallel universe, the shadow of Oscar PS3 is very dry sense of humor would be dawning on him as well. So, but nonetheless, it's not an Alpine Alpine that isn't exactly a championship winning contender, but.

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