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He he says leave the body there as well. Do you think that Paul? Yeah. It's not only Pablo Paul Christ. I heard you say Jesus Christ. Let's get thinking, you know, when you go off to do charity work. You don't do what the DA did go to Penn State alone. I should grown to and you don't pay. Kill you and say, I'm going off to change the world that's affected. Jake's your way from living. And of course, the five people that locally live there. They were all arrested Ireland is prohibited. They took that poor kid there knowing he was gonna get chewed up. And we'll probably bigger and all the way home. I I didn't think of that the people brought him to a certain place. Paul. Thank you for the call. So Paul proponent of the buddy system, it seems like. Can someone with you? Right. And you know, eleven contacts ever. Yeah. There was a in the late. Eighteen hundreds. I think a guy went there and did lots of contact with of course, white seven of the more Gilligan's island. Hey, doing different islands. Yeah. Sounds like this kid had a bit of a death. Wish you think so I think so I think people tried to talk them out of it. They didn't wanna take kept persuading and persuading he just wanted to go. Yeah. And he knew he knew the stories. He knew that they were hostile to invaders. You have the wherewithal to get there. I mean, I don't think I'd make it now. I mean, that's I would be it would be difficult to find difficult to navigate their and it probably is not cheap. Either. I don't even understand these people who go in like hike in Iraq. Yeah. It doesn't make any or Afghanistan. We're going to go mountain climbing or something. It's ridiculous. Tons of interesting thing. It's like the it's not the same. But it's like, do, you know, the the book into the into the wild? Remember, they made it into a movie. Oh, I never saw it. But yeah. Into the wild dog and a cat. A one in no into the wild was a young, man. Oh, man, candles mccandless was his name. And he went and lived in that bus in the woods. Remember? Well, he wanted to go off the grid. He there are people who just want to go off on their own. They have this fantasy about living off the land. There's also people have a fantasy about contacting other people's and this all this hiking in Iraq stuff. They're not really hiking. They wanna they they end they want to see they want to see the tribes people. They want to see the Taliban. They wanna meet them. They always they want. They they're risk takers in that way. It's not the adventure of the wilds that they want people want to see if they can go native these amateur anthropologists. That's it. It's there's something wrong with them. And they want to go somewhere where someone is going to be super impressed with their phone. Yeah. Finally, understand them. Exactly. Eight three three eight five two four eight six six Tom shillue. We'll be back become.

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