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Joyce smith. Yes. Doing everything we can for your son John responded, John Smith fell through the ice on lake Saint Louis on MLK day in two thousand fifteen fourteen at the time he spent fifteen minutes underwater, then he went to cardinal Glennon. And basically, his mom was told be wasn't going to survive. And if he did he would basically be a vegetable so this is I guess this is putting the category of faith based film. It's Easter weekend. It's not your typical Hollywood release. There is a lot of in. I don't know why this happens why I asked the producer of this movie because they brought the cast and the producer in town devan Franklin. Why do you even have to have genre? Like faith-based? Why can't you just have a movie that has faith in it? But Hollywood apparently doesn't like that. I'm curious about your opinion this film, because I know the story just a little bit. And we have this connection to the real life. It wasn't filmed here it was filmed in Winnipeg you'll see some shots of the arch and background of cardinal. Glenn? Most of this takes place up in Winnipeg Chrissy Mets who is Joyce plays the mom here. She's from this is us was in town with Marcel who plays John Smith, and the story itself in my opinion. I think is better than the movie. I mean, this is a really really amazing story that is motivational, and I'll I'll tell you what Paul. I don't know how you felt both kind of hard to explain what happened here outside of a a supreme being. I think it's one of those cases where? You can't go beyond saying it's miraculous in the way it happens in the way things play out. And that's when you get science and and faith kinda clash together. And even those best scientists whose best doctors out there when they can't explain it. There's one explanation that kind of pops into everybody's head in and here choice. Smith offers some, you know, amazing moments in prayer in this in this film that result in kind of you can't you can't look at it as anything other than maybe some divine intervention. It's this is the nice thing about this film and in many, faith based movies. I've seen kind of go is go at half speed in in comparison to a Hollywood movie, they they don't they don't do that here with Christy mats, and for grace and Josh Lucas, you've got a cast as well as Dennis Hayes Burt, you know, you've got a cast that professional that works through this very, well, it's it's not fair to those of us who have kids when you come into the movie, they may cut onions in the theater. I don't know. But a lot of tears were shed in the screening that I was at and quite frankly, I think there's two types of people that are gonna sit down with someone who has. Has a strong belief in God is probably going to be much more reinforced impacted sure than someone who doesn't and in for me. I found myself enjoying this quite a bit. I didn't enjoy what it did to me. But I enjoyed the film quite a bit about that. If you're if you're a non believer. You know, years years a character in this movie in he's an actor that is African American Mike Colter, the real person that this is based on the firemen who rescue John Smith was white, but devan Franklin and his team wanted to be inclusive, which is fine. I like this this character in their Michael through because he does say, I don't know if this really happened. I should've asked if she weeks ago, the real farm and did not have faith in God. But he does not. But he struggles with an explanation. I have to be honest. You though, I did not think it was a very polished movie of let down because I think the story is so great it deserved a better treatment. I think the cast is good, and I would still recommend it because the story is so powerful. But. This is a movie that could have been a little better in my opinion. I can only really kinda give it a c Paul. And I think I think from the standpoint of comparing it with a lot of other faith based titles. I think this is on the better side of what's been out there quickly mentioned penguins from Disney nature, which is out this week. They've done a bunch of these films. It's time for Earth Day. We've had March of the penguins, we've had you know, different penguin movies. What am I missing happy feet? Right. That's what my dad was called us. It's a seventy six minute documentary about these penguins on search for mayton creating a nest and trying to keep their young ones alive in these amazing harsh Antarctic conditions. I thought it was okay. I think NAT think GO on PBS does better with the nature documentaries. But if you have a child in particular and you look in seventy six minutes cloudy. Good friday. You could probably do worse. You also saw one other film this weekend. I know you noticed you didn't try to pronounce that. That will be the only time you'll hear me pronounce it. You know, as it got to have a faith based movie over this kind of weekend. You got to have a horror movie too because we catered in Hollywood we cater to everyone Linda Cartolini here in a film that does have enough thrills at enough scares in it to make it if you're horror fan. Yeah. It's worth checking out in the theaters is a great is it top notch. No. But it's definitely a thing. Mayors on the arm Paul tell folks where they can find your reviews Mark little independent artsy. Fartsy film opened next week is adventures endgame if you don't have tickets for opening weekend. Good luck with that. We'll talk on Friday, South good, Mark four twenty eight at camel X flow, and you never understood top hat aren't all hats on top. The toughest part of every outfit unless.

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