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Exactly say the same thing for the old girl, Grover tonight. Trailing 58 to nothing at the half to the oaks. Tornadoes who like we said, are very impressive Team that has come into Oak Grove tonight and taking care of business. And now they're into the backups playing and and even the backups. That last drive, we're moving the ball on Oak Grove. So we have Tio actually hope that we can see some positives from Oak Grove High School. Get some of their younger players out there, get some playing time of their of their own and kind of build towards that future that it looks like it's going to be very bright for the Oak Grove. Grover's just tonight is just one of those nights. And it looks like we have a couple of score updates. They're approaching the end of the third quarter and the Davies Eagles lead the West Fargo Packers tend to seven who, in a very close contest, and then after a three yard Cobi Jones touchdown rush Fargo Self now lead Fargo North 17 14 as they're tailing off the end of the third quarter there as well. So a couple of very good CDC match ups here this evening and It looks as though you just took you out of 16 to 7 lead right there and 16 7 lead and it looks like David also just took a knee and our final score. There will be Davies Eagles, 16. West Margo Packer. Seven, So the Davies Eagles Our remaining undefeated and they're going next week. If I remember right, they got a clash. Is it next week or two weeks? Another clashing with the West Fargo? Cheyenne must. Yeah, that's going to be a barber. That's going to be an epic matchup. Obviously, we saw Cheyenne up close. Impersonal when they played Fargo North and we saw Davey struggle against Fargo South. So, obviously tonight, it sort of feels so far this season, James that West Fargo there, three and two now in the E. D. C, So they're sitting fine when it comes to the playoffs there because they're there in force now, But it sort of seems like the West Fargo Packers are having a little bit of trouble really kind of getting their offense clicking and being able to score a lot of points. Davies. Obviously their defense is pretty stout and doesn't allow a lot. So Cheyenne coming in with with Garrett working teen and obviously America Pen, Ooh, I mean, that's going to be a fantastic match against that Davies defense and it'll be interesting to see who comes out on top next week and like like when we're gone. It's Fargo. Seldom. We're watching David's Colton home A. He had a phenomenal evening over 200 yards rushing in that 21 20 victory. So you're looking at me like you said. What's Fargo Packers? They lost 16 to 7 of the Davies Eagles or three and two. Your two losses are a 16 7 lost the Davies eagles, and then they got shot a couple weeks ago to Cheyenne. Yeah, that was in that game where we're at Davies and self. It was a rainy, cold, wet night. Where it was, for the most part, unless you were the farm was self Bruins. It was a rushing evening, everybody else and so break a pen. You got loose for a couple of times, and he had three second half rushing touchdowns that went from 70. 28 0 for a final and regardless, a lot of good football in the E. D. C that is going to conclude our CIA peril Intermission report. We have a minute and a half until the second half kicks off. We'll take a short break. As you listen to a high school football on AM 1100, the flag attention sports fans. This is Berry with caliber stats on Broadway Get your weekend where business casual formal wear from brands like Peter Millar, Tommy Bahama, Johnson,.

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