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Asked about josh dobbs and he kinda went on for bit on this answer because of course josh dobbs is kind of the forgotten name in this quarterback kind of competition. But this isn't the first time. Dobbs is found himself in this place before it was. Ben rothlisberger landry jones and mason rudolph our in front of a josh dobbs. But josh dobbs still made that team that was when landry jones finally got the axe from the pittsburgh. Steelers dobbs made it. Dobbs look good once again. Tonight and coach tomlin is certainly not ruling out That dobbs will this roll over and die and not be a pittsburgh steeler in twenty twenty one. He looked good out there tonight. He has a chance to make this team Backtracking a little bit outside of the quarterback stuff coach tomlin was asked about the offense line and what he thought of that group specifically being asked whether he thought the team had some some kind of work to do with their own line and coach. Thomas shut that down pretty fast thing. The entire team is a work in progress. Kind of one of those famous coach tomlin responses to question in that nature. Another guy that coach tomlin was specifically asked about was presley. Harbin the third the steelers seven th round. Pick the big punter out of georgia tech. Who had himself one. Heck of a game Blasting the ball perfectly on the one yard line one of the prettiest punts probably the prettiest punt. I've ever seen from a steelers. Punter that sing along because of what watched a lot of steelers football but unfortunately he's a preseason game so really it doesn't mean too much but boy was that a shot of course presley. Harvard was pretty much painting the corners of the field on his other punts and he had a kind of a a low blast that ended up in a turnover into the arms of anthony johnson to pressing haven't had a great day for himself but coach tomlin specifically when asked about him said he did a lot of nice things on the field but complimented the special teams.

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