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And you know we we came to this theme. This season deem that we're on as we're wrapping it up and I have been on this search for my whole life trying to find that purpose in my life in trying to ask those questions and fasting and weeping and praying over God what do you want from me? Have you ever been in that moment yourself I I know manny you know has a has an amazing come to come to Jesus moment you know and again I do think angels probably did Ordain Shot 'cause you know I've heard. I've heard. I've heard through other people that it may not be that great but but anyway. I don't know if it's good or not. I'm just. But my point is for you. has there been that that elusive thing that you've searched for or maybe there was that elusive thing that you search for then found. You know that's a really good question than I was I would say this in our I'll say this to your. I. Don't know you know we just met before via e mails a few times and and. Phone call before this this podcast. But sometimes we're or looking so hard to find it ends right in front of us right and so. Your purpose may be who you're running into starbucks. I think we make it we make it. I don't know if it's bigger than it needs to be or if it's yes, we all have a purpose. But sometimes our platform and how we use it whether you be your missionary and our pastor says this really well at our church, your missionary whether you're in the bank or whether you're on the mission field in Uganda, your missionary if your the wonderful server that's helping in a restaurant or flight attendant on on aircraft your on the mission build whether you're doing a radio PODCAST, Jim Mission field how you use that platform is so important but I will say this, I didn't grow up. Having a lot either you know product of a family that. That divorced and in that divorce came a lot of financial hardships for a moment. you know I'm a person that had a big brother big sister growing up. I'm person that knows what it's like to stand in line for the government cheese and milk. I'm a person of what felt like an embarrassment. My mom had when she had to take food stamps to support us. and so when I was in. my senior year one of our papers and it was our civics and social justice classes was. Write a paper about what you want your life to look like what you're GonNa do with the life you have. And it was a wonderful Mr Elliot was his name I. Still Remember Him I don't know where he is in this world anymore, but he was a phenomenal. And I remember I still have that paper and I, tell my kids this a lot. But I wrote down and I to answer your question in a long way. But I'm getting there I wrote down. I WANNA be able to show people and run my own business. Now Dang it Neil I didn't write down that I wanted to make you know millions of dollars I forgot that piece but that's okay because God never leaves the Super Success but I'll tell you this that stuck with me. I didn't know how I was going to get there but I knew that out of the lacks that I had. Out of the things that I needed to be comforted and myself out of knowing what it felt like..

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