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Is Bloomberg markets. With Paul Sweeney had met Miller. Now she four buy ratings from Wall Street analysts a recession doesn't necessarily mean stocks are gonna tank right away. What's an investor to do here in a rising interest rate environment? Where do you see the most inflation? Breaking market news and inside from Bloomberg experts. We were leaning pretty hard toward equity. To me, this looks like really just a one way street down. Because of all the dislocations, there's always relative value trades that you could be doing. This is Bloomberg markets with Paul Sweeney at Matt Miller. On Bloomberg radio. All right, coming up in this half hour, we're going to check in with Liz McCormick chief car bonnet of global macro markets for Bloomberg news. Talk about that yield curve inversion. Is that a thing plus Ted Smith cofounder and president of Union Square advisers? Let's talk tech, maybe M and a. Maybe some tech M and a. We got any plans for more M and a later this year, but first let's go to great Jared. Bloomberg news is getting a Bloomberg business flash, Greg. Still bouncing around session highs, Paul, jumping more than a one and a half percent with all 11 industry groups rising. The broad rally has been mirrored in the tech heavy NASDAQ as mega cap's apple and alphabet bounced back from yesterday's losses ahead of Netflix. Let me take a look at Apple right now up 1.7%. The S&P 500 is up at 1.8% of 70, the Dow's up 1.6% up 485, and the NASDAQ's up over 2% up 231, the ten year, is down 9 30 seconds to the yield 3.02%. West Texas intermediate codes down a half percent at one O two O 6 a barrel comics goes a little changed at 1711 even per ounce. The dollar Yan one 37 88. The Euro, dollar O two 47, the British found the dollar 2033. Members only clubs are popping up all across Manhattan providing an alternative social club and workspaces New Yorkers are spending less time in the office. More than a dozen membership clubs have opened in the borough since 2003, at least 9 in the past three years, most charged about 5000 or less some charged a whole bunch more. Can you imagine, you know, somebody calls their spouse and says, I work in late tonight. That's a Bloomberg business flash Bloomberg markets continue out. Paul Sweeney Matt Miller would never do that. Never

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